Let’s take a frightening journey to Scott Frost and Fred Hoiberg’s path back to .500 in conference play, shall we?

-Scott Frost is 9-17 in BIG play in his 3 years at Nebraska, and Fred Hoiberg is 3-31. Simply put, it’s going to be difficult for both coaches to simply get to mediocre in conference play. The good news for both coaches is that since they dug themselves such a big hole, if they DID ever get back to .500…that means the programs are doing pretty damn well at that point.

-What’s the most likely path for Frost in terms of years? If he went 6-3 in conference play for 3 straight years, he’d get to 1 game above .500 by his 6th season at the program. As for Fred…it’s probably going to be a long time, if ever. That’s how deep of a hole he’s in.