January 17th: Nebraska has the 2nd toughest schedule in the entire nation in 2018, per one writer…could that be the best thing possible for the Huskers to reach high levels quicker?

-A pattycake schedule does no team any favors when they reach tough games, as they haven’t really been tested..but year 1 of Scott Frost will provide plenty of tests, both home and away—and in the first 3 games of non-conference play, too

-Doesn’t that create a need for razor-like focus immediately? Has to be easy for Frost to sell the tough schedule as a reason to have players’ full attention every single day to make the season as good as possible

-Then, if Nebraska surprises this year and plays well with tough schedule, think about how good it could be in 2019 in Frost’s second year when the schedule loosens up a bit…