Jake always jokes about a Bill Moos statue being under construction…but have we reached a point where that actually might happen in the distant future?

-Oh, jeez, Jake. Calm the hell down. He’s made some damn good hires, but let’s see if they play out like they are supposed to. Bob Devaney has an arena named after him—but there’s nothing for Bill Byrne, who did a fine job here as A.D….what’s it going to take for Moos to be in that actual conversation of having something in his honor?

-Should there be something in Bill Byrne’s honor at Nebraska or not? How much does length of tenure matter for Byrne/Moos? And for Moos, with all the hires he made, let’s say he moves on sometime soon, with a short tenure…couldn’t he still have something in his honor for what he did in his hires?