It is officially Iowa Hate Week…how do you feel about Nebraska’s chances to end the 4-game skid to the Hawkeyes and get to a bowl game?

-The weight is off the shoulders of (potentially) having a 6-game losing skid to end the season, thanks to the domination of hapless Maryland on Saturday. Now, can they end another 4-game skid on Friday, and get bowl-eligible with a win against Iowa?

-4 years ago, Nebraska hosted Iowa with a 5-6 record and lost, but still made a bowl game because of their high APR and not enough teams having 6 wins to play in a bowl. That’s the case again this year (32 teams eligible for 40 spots), but Nebraska’s APR isn’t high enough to get a spot with 5 wins…so it’s win this game or bust. Iowa beat Illinois, 19-10, on Saturday, but didn’t look particularly impressive in doing so


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