Is this the first time in college sports history that no one is calling for the AD’s head despite having poor football and basketball success in hires made by them?

-This was discussed briefly a few days ago, but it’s worth more of a conversation. Bill Moos was on top of the world when he was able to hire Scott Frost and Fred Hoiberg. There were a few people out there who had some concerns if those systems would work in the B1G, but it was a VERY HIGH approval rating on both hires

-Now, with basketball on a 22 game losing streak and football yet to have a winning season in 3 seasons of Scott Frost, you’d normally have a fanbase saying it’s time for the AD to be questioned because of lack of success with his hires. But, Moos seems still well liked by the majority of people..will it always remain that way? At what point does it not?