Is it unhealthy/dangerous to start thinking about Adrian Martinez as a legitimate future Heisman Trophy contender?

-The kid is only through 7 games, but is showing unbelievable talent and ability in Scott Frost’s system. The detractors will say that he needs to show he can stay healthy for a whole season, and they’re not wrong. The optimists will say that this kid has a ceiling that might be the highest that we’ve seen since at least the 90s here

-Is anyone reserved about Martinez and what he can be at Nebraska? Coaches are pumped up and players, too, and he’s getting more attention with awards, and soon he’ll get national attention if he puts up big numbers and competes against the likes of Ohio State/Michigan State/Iowa. Win 2 of those 3 games or all 3, and suddenly, he’s an immediate preseason contender for the Heisman Trophy as early as next year

-More audio from post-practice on Wednesday: