If Nebraska is to miss a bowl game, would you want that to happen at the hands of Maryland or against Iowa?

-Nebraska needs to win both of its final 2 games to get to the postseason, and with 4 straight losses currently, that seems pretty difficult to do. But what would be more painful for fans?

-Scenario 1:  You beat Maryland to end the 4-game skid, but then in a must-win game to get to 6 wins, you lose to Iowa, who revels in the fact that they not only beat you, but did so in your stadium to keep you away from a bowl (i.e. the 2007 Colorado game)

-Scenario 2: You lose to Maryland, keeping the losing skid at 5 games, and rendering the Iowa game as meaningless— but at least it wasn’t a game that they kept you from getting to the postseason


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