If Adrian Martinez is the starting QB game 1, it would be a historic moment at Nebraska as the first true freshman to get the nod; do you believe he’s mature enough to handle that?

-This is not just some run-of-the-mill program. This is Nebraska; home of a sellout streak dating back to 1962, a top 5 most-winningest program of all-time; 5-time national champs. And it has NEVER. HAPPENED. BEFORE.

-Those who want Gebbia to start use this as ammunition. Though Gebbia also hasn’t played yet, he has experienced a year of college and knows the rigors of a season, though not as a player on the field. Is he really that much more mature than Martinez with one season on the sidelines? Do you think Martinez will realize the situation and get bright lights if he starts or will he be cool, calm and collected?