If Adrian Martinez didn’t have enough to motivate him next year already, the constant ‘Joe Burrow wanted to be at Nebraska’ conversation should do plenty

– Joe Burrow had a phenomenal season, and is going to win the Heisman Trophy. And yes, we hear a new story every day about how Burrow wanted to come to Nebraska, but they didn’t think it he was good enough. Revisionist history isn’t kind to the program when things don’t go as expected… and it hurts with Burrow. However, no one hits 100% in recruiting.

– Still though, if Adrian Martinez doesn’t have enough motivation to improve next year, how much does all this Burrow talk help? Don’t forget, Martinez was viewed as a better Heisman candidate than Burrow heading into the season. Don’t you think he wants to go out and prove his critics this year wrong? Jake almost expects big things from him this offseason and for him to win the starting job in the spring.


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