Huskers roll Bethune-Cookman, 45-9….the offense looked good again, but despite a low point total given up, the defense remains frighteningly leaky

-Nebraska led 14-0 under 5 minutes into the game with a beautiful opening drive on offense, followed by a punt return TD by J.D. Spielman, and the rest was history from there with a 38-3 halftime lead. However, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies

-Bethune-Cookman is a bad team that was playing with a backup QB…yet they still had a couple of really long plays that should have been short gains, but confusion by Nebraska led to busted coverage for no reason whatsoever. You can escape Bethune-Cookman with those breakdowns, but good teams will keep exposing your weaknesses and attack them until you prove you can stop them. But it was nice for fans to experience a game that was never in doubt, at least.