Huskers lose at Michigan, 56-10, hitting yet another rock bottom—Scott Frost says it won’t get worse than that, but will it?

-An interception of an Adrian Martinez pass that could have been a TD if not tipped, followed by a quick TD, and that was it—Nebraska’s o-line was nowhere to be seen all game long, the defense was hideous, and the team was down 39-0 at half. Just an absolute disaster.

-Michigan outyarded Nebraska 491-132, and it was worse than that until Michigan put in backups in the 2nd half. Michigan players mentioned after the game that it felt like Nebraska didn’t want to be there, which is a major problem and a theme from last year still. Part of that has to be Scott Frost’ fault, but certainly not all of it

-Frost said that was rock bottom…but will it get worse? Ohio State looks great and Purdue looked good Saturday, as did Iowa/Wisconsin…all teams left on the schedule