Huskers land the big fish, flipping Wandale Robinson from Kentucky to Nebraska…have we learned our lesson from the Riley era about praising players/classes or are you going to celebrate regardless?

-By all accounts, Wandale is a huge player in the class; a top 100 player, a 4-star, and has comparisons to Purdue’s stud player, Rondale Moore. But we saw Nebraska get big 4-star players in previous classes that never panned out: Tyjon Lindsey, Avery Roberts, Tristan Gebbia, and more. What do expect from Wandale, and how does he avoid being in the same category as those players?

-We talk about the idea of being responsible with recruiting and handling the buzz around this class…there’s tons of hype and optimism about what Frost is doing, but how do we make sure this is different than what happened with previous regimes with recruiting? Does Frost make no mistakes?