How much has your belief in the length of the rebuild for Nebraska changed after a disappointing 0-6 start?

-A common conversation among fans when Frost was hired was the year 1 one would be rough, but not this rough. And then year 2, with an easier schedule, would be improvement, and then maybe you’d be competing for the B1G West title in 2020. That came with the assumption with a 6-6 or 7-5 season this year, though. Can you still have those aspirations after this tough season, no matter how it ends?

-The optimistic person says Nebraska can still get 4 wins out of this year (which they actually can), and end the year on a 4-2 mark in the 2nd half, and despite all that’s gone wrong in the first half, that would actually be momentum for 2019 despite a bad start. That’s why the last 6 games absolutely matter for Nebraska and fans should watch!

-More from Frost in Monday’s presser: