Hey, Husker fans: It is OK to be critical of your head coach and still believe he is going to get it done here eventually

-Sorensen received a lot of backlash on Twitter for being critical of the team and of Scott Frost’s playcalling at the end of the game, and he’s not sure why. Yes, we have very supportive fans of the program and Frost and that is great, but we all expected better than what we’ve seen so far. If you would have told fans before the year started that they were going to be 0-6, they would have laughed and said ‘yeah right.’ Well here we are. It’s OK to admit that you’re upset!

-Also, guess what—being critical of a coach isn’t going to scare him away! He is paid big bucks to win games! There have been other first year coaches who have had success in their first year. We know this might take a few years but there have been some serious flubs this season that