Early Break: How much Kool-Aid are Husker fans drinking?

  • If we put the line at Nebraska going 8-4 this year, would more people lean toward 9-3 / better, or 7-5 /worse?
  • Jake has heard from a lot of people regarding his cynicism/realism regarding the preseason rankings so far this year, and just wants to get a fair representation from the listeners about where they are closer to. If the win total was put at 8, or just simply put an 8-4 record, would you learn toward guessing this team goes under that, at 7-5; or over it, at 9-3 or better?
  • This will help tell us where people locally stand vs. those nationally. If the majority say 9-3 is more likely than 7-5, than maybe Jake is reading the people wrong. But he’s not sure he is.