Early Break: How can Nebraska’s defense properly prepare for B1G opponents?

  • The snow is driving Jake crazy
    • Please make it warm so there are no more sad/angry Jake rants about the weather
  • Barrett Ruud mentioned on Tuesday that it’s important for Nebraska to be able to stop power offenses to win in the B1G. Nebraska’s offense certainly has power, but it’s not known as a ‘power’ offense.
  • Can this defense truly get ready for B1G opponents based on what they see everyday in practice, which is a lot different than Wisconsin/Iowa/other B1G programs? Frost has said they are getting more weight and muscle on guys to prevent that from happening, but it’ll always be different when going against an offense unlike Nebraska’s, right? Will they ever truly be prepared for that?
  • Also, why in the hell is there a need for lawmakers to discuss a law to ban people from getting tattoos on their eyes? WHAT PERSON THINKS OF DOING THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE?