Early Break: Can Fred Hoiberg fix one of the biggest things that has plagued Nebrasketball for decades?

  • What problem might that be, besides obviously having zero NCAA Tournament wins? QUALITY bench depth. Nebraska has rarely felt confident in going to the bench in a long time, outside of maybe having a good 6th man in some years…but you look at other teams around the B1G, and while Nebraska may have had more talented starters the past 2 years, they were severely flawed beyond that.
  • Doc Sadler, Barry Collier, and Tim Miles all struggled to fill out a quality team. They all had decent starters at times, but just had a completely weak bench. A major key to making a run in tournaments is having quality depth beyond the starters. Nebraska now has 4 open scholarships again with the news of Amir Harris and Karrington Davis joining Brady Heiman in the transfer portal….can they get quality depth as soon as this year, or is that a lost cause?