Does this Nebrasketball team hold the key to fans’ belief that ‘next year’ has finally arrived for men’s athletics at UNL?

-The joke for Nebraska fans for years has been ‘next year,’ after a rough end to each respective season. And fans have rightfully so been pessimistic about the prospects of each program’s upcoming seasons and results in big games. Scott Frost made progress with football this year, but still resulted in a 4-8 record

-If Nebrasketball were to indeed make the NCAA Tournament and win at least one game this year, does that change the entire narrative of men’s athletics at Nebraska? It obviously will have no certain impact on baseball or football, but it *could* provide a belief barrier. This program that has never had a win in the NCAA Tournament finally gets one. Think about what that would do to fans’ belief in things turning around for all of the men’s programs…and administration, too