Do you feel better or worse about Nebraska’s chances against Ohio State after what you saw on Saturday?

-As we discussed earlier in the show, it feels good to have 2 straight wins after a 10-game losing streak and an 0-6 start to the season, but there are still plenty of warts with this team. The defense is troublesome and it’s hard to envision them improving enough to keep Ohio State in check at all, despite the Buckeyes not playing great football as of late. But….they’re coming off of a bye and are pissed, and know that the College Football Playoff is still in play if they win out

-Nebraska’s going to have to win in a shootout to beat Ohio State, but can they score enough points this weekend to keep up with the inevitable large amount of points the Buckeyes’ offense puts up on the Nebraska defense? Or do you think the defense will figure it out somehow?