December 8th: Is it possible that this could be a quicker rebuild than we think at Nebraska under Scott Frost?

-Frost is not inheriting an 0-12 team. It might be a fractured and hurting 4-8 team, but there is talent on the team and some speed. Isn’t it possible to think he could create toughness and belief right away, simply with his change in practice structure to begin?

-The schedule is brutal in 2018, yes (road games at Ohio State, Wisconsin, Iowa, NW, Michigan)…but good teams win on the road all the time. Nebraska has won before at Michigan/Iowa/NW, and played Wisconsin in OT just last year. Ohio State is a different animal, sure. But Frost won’t be intimidated

-Could Nebraska be an actual player in the West in 2018? Need to see who is at QB first.