CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd is a moron and lists Scott Frost on the hottest of hot seats entering 2020

-Sigh. Anything to get clicks…right? Dodd had Frost at a zero level of concern of getting fired before last season, and now he’s at the highest at a ‘5,’ alongside the likes of USC’s Clay Helton, UConn’s Randy Edsall, Vanderbilt’s Derek Mason, and others

-Anything to fire up the Nebraska rabid fanbase, right? Is that what we’re doing at this point? Because anyone who would consider Scott Frost on any type of HOT hot seat right now is out of their damn mind. Yes, we’re frustrated with a sluggish start to the tenure, but he is by no means someone that fans are anywhere near pushing out the door at all. Very irresponsible by Dennis Dodd

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