Can we all sit back for a second and realize how ridiculous it is for all these talking B1G heads that want Nebraska out of the conference….just because THEY WANT TO PLAY FOOTBALL?!?!?

-First it was ESPN’s Michael Wilbon, then it was Desmond Howard who said Nebraska should leave the Big Ten if they can’t appreciate what they’ve received from the league and if they can’t accept their decision on Fall football

-Then we hear from Ohio State’s Ryan Day who said on Wednesday that although they’re still looking at what they can do in the Spring (possibly starting in January…have fun with that), that he and Gene Smith are still looking at options for the Fall for the Buckeyes. Where is the backlash for that? And what about the backlash that he didn’t receive from Monday, along with Jim Harbaugh and James Franklin, who basically supported what Nebraska and administration were saying?

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