Can Nebraska win out, and is beating Iowa the only way to salvage the first season of Scott Frost?

-The second part of the headline isn’t meant to be negative—we just realize when a team starts 0-6 and is now 2-7, it’s not the record that fans desire…but we all know it’s going the right direction, especially after what happened on Saturday in the Horseshoe

-The World-Herald’s Dirk Chatelain brought up the idea that beating Iowa is the only way to salvage the season—Nebraska is about wins, not just improvement and ‘almost’ wins. We feel good after Ohio State, but it was still a loss. You beat Iowa and get to possibly 5 wins, then you feel like the year is somewhat of a success despite the record

-Speaking of Iowa, they beat themselves in their 38-36 loss to Purdue…and also, Northwestern couldn’t hang with Notre Dame