Can Nebraska keep up in a track meet with Ohio State?

-Nebraska’s offense has been good for the majority of the year, and definitely in the last few weeks. Ohio State’s offense has not been sharp lately, but they come off a bye, and we know what they’re capable of. Yes, they have Dwayne Haskins, stud WRs, and a good duo of RBs with Mike Weber and JK Dobbins. That is not easy to stop!

-The difference in this game compared to the Michigan game for the Huskers is the health of Adrian Martinez. His knee still wasn’t right when he played the Wolverines, who assaulted the o-line and gave no time to pass or think, in a resounding 39-0 halftime lead. We believe this offense is potent, can it keep up with the Buckeyes? And for how long, if so?

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