Barrett Ruud says Reggie Corbin might be the BEST running back Nebraska faces this year…yet we still might not know how good Nebraska’s rush defense is after the game

-Corbin was a highlight of what Ruud and Erik Chinander had to say on Tuesday, with both giving him high praise for how good he is. And we saw that last year in Lincoln, before he left the game with injury

-Ruud said he might be the best RB Nebraska faces all year (uh…Jonathan Taylor/JK Dobbins??)…and maybe he’s right; but the offensive lines at Wisconsin, Ohio State, and others will be better than Illinois’, so even if Nebraska does contain Corbin, it’s a great sign that their rush defense is real, but not indicative fully of how they’ll do against the monsters in the B1G in the trenches

-More audio from post-practice…


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