Guess what starts tomorrow….COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!! Yep, for real. It does.

-Austin Peay and Central Arkansas will get things started for college football on Saturday night on ESPN. Will you be tuned in? -As the NBA turns in low ratings, it will be very curious to see what the ratings for the NFL and college football look like. Politics have (mostly) been kept out of football, compared to the NBA, where they have been very much so a part of the game…and viewership has been low. Are we expecting record ratings for NFL/college football this year, for those who are participating, at least?

-The SEC, ACC and Big 12 are going on as planned for the college football season…how do people in Miami feel about that?

-How confident are you in the season going smoothly for college football and also NFL?

-Do you think excitement for football is higher or lower than previous years? Can you see that yet at all for Paramount Sports?

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