As impressive as Purdue’s win against Ohio State was, it would be the achievement of the B1G season if Nebraska beats them…and here’s why

-Players and coaches were excited on Monday, as they should have been, following Nebraska’s 53-28 win over Minnesota to get their first win of the season. The goal now is to continue progressing and continue winning, but the big, bad Buckeyes await 2 weeks from now. Do Husker fans believe in a win?

-Ohio State has been leaking the last few weeks, against Indiana and Minnesota, before finally falling to Purdue last week. But when they play Nebraska, they’ll be coming off of a much-needed bye week to ‘get right.’ Purdue got them at the absolute best time, and at home. If Nebraska were to go to Ohio State, following their bye week, and beat them in Ohio Stadium to effectively end ANY chance of the Buckeyes going to the College Football Playoff…people won’t know what to do with themselves as they think about the future at Nebraska