Are Nebraska fans expecting to beat both Michigan State AND Iowa now…and are they wrong for thinking they should?

-Michigan State and Iowa are both officially out of the race to with their respective divisions, so there’s not much to play for except for just getting the best record that they can. Nebraska, meanwhile, is trying to send a message to the rest of the B1G that they are not to be messed with going forward, and want to make some noise to end the year, currently riding a nice 3-of-4 win streak

-Michigan State’s offense was once again hideous against Ohio State, scoring only 6 points in the game—the same defense that Nebraska scored 31 points against. Their offense doesn’t scare anyone…don’t you expect Nebraska to win that? A chance for the Huskers to prove that their high-flying offense is real against a very good defense. Same goes for Iowa…3 game losing streak, not much to play for, and an up-and-down offense. Nebraska wants to exercise some demons, and just might do that in Iowa City