A team from the conference that Scott Frost just left gives a comparison that Nebraska fans can get behind

-Cincinnati fired Tommy Tuberville after year 4 in 2016 with a 4-8 record, and hired Luke Fickell, who also went 4-8 the next year in his first season (2017)…yet here he is in year 2, at 6-0 and ranked in the top 25

-Nebraska fans are just trying to get a win first before we look too far into the future, but is it crazy to see something similar happening here? Frost claims to see a culture change and improvement right now even though the wins aren’t there yet, so even if they have a worse record or the same as last year, would that seem like a crazy notion?

-Before we get too giddy, though—Mike Riley started year 2 at 7-0, before ending 9-4. Ended up being FAKE NEWS…Frost would have to prove it in year 3