The Drive: August 13th, 5:45pm – Final Drive

  • Shout out to Emmet!!
  • Goodbye, everyone, we will miss you. Join us in the mornings!!

The Drive: August 13th, 5:25pm – Steven M. Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Talking about Waco, TX
  • Tight ends, did Frost make you feel better about the position?
  • Running backs and taking carries away from the QB’s

The Drive: August 13th, 5pm – More about The Drive and thanking the listeners

  • Thank you all for listening, it’s been awesome
  • Curter Points update
  • The Happy Hour wants to go to the Little League World Series

The Drive: August 13th, 4:45pm – Happer is a man

  • More on Garth
  • What should Happer wear to the concert?
  • The caller informs us on HGTV and Chip Gaines

The Drive: August 13th, 4:25pm – Garth Brooks concert

  • Happer is getting in
  • Tickets aren’t terribly expensive
  • Garth Brooks = Rock Taylor Swift?
  • Chris Gaines? Chip Gaines? HGTV?

The Drive: August 13th, 4pm – Frost on vaccines

  • Nebraska needs to know what the protocol is going to be
  • Like really soon
  • Vaccines and Happer and the listeners

The Drive: August 13th, 3:45pm – What’s Poppin

  • Final Whats Poppin, SAD

The Drive: August 13th, 3:25pm – Scott Frost audio from todays presser

  • Tight ends availability
  • Chancellor Brewington moved to TE

The Drive: August 13th, 3pm – Field of Dreams game was actually really cool

  • Gonna miss you guys but I’m moving to mornings!
  • Yankees vs White Sox at the Field of Dreams was awesome
  • MLB needs to do more games like this
  • Shoutout to Hastings Little League team!

The Drive: August 12th, 4pm – TEXT BAG

  • Answering questions from the text line!!

The Drive: August 12th, 5:45pm – Wrap things up

  • Mini text bag
  • How much water do you drink?

The Drive: August 12th, 5:25pm – Nicole Griffith (1011 News)

  • Is Nebraska going to a bowl game?
  • The Quick Lane bowl…ehh
  • Nicole calls in to congratulate Happer on his time slot move and talk about something that involves herself