The Student Section: Closing Segment

We get to some of your texts on the text line.

  • Sean Beckton recruiting Tight Ends.
  • Thomas Fidone’s recruitment
  • Preview of next week’s honor roll

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The Student Section: Billie & Brooke Andrews (Husker Softball)

Husker Softball stars Billie and Brooke Andrews join Nick and Big Sky for the Honor Roll segment.

  • Billie was named Big Ten Freshman Player of the Year last week.
  • The sisters recently had a play on SportsCenter.
  • How much of a mental game is hitting?

The Student Section: Should we be alarmed when in-state guys don’t come to Nebraska?

  • Brief Nebraska Baseball discussion — they had big wins over Rutgers last weekend after being swept by the Scarlet Knights the previous weekend.
  • Husker Football
    • Looking at the staff, who’s shown the most progress in their time here?
    • Recruiting – Has any position group improved dramatically because of the coach.

The Student Section: Closing Segment

Big Sky and Nick wrap up the show with some hockey and football talk.

  • The Rangers and Capitals accumulated over 100 penalty minutes in one game this last week…what happened that caused this?
  • Resident Packer fan Big Sky doubles and triples down on his trade Aaron Rodgers take.

The Student Section: Garrison Hughes (Nebraska Pole Vaulter)

Nebraska Junior Pole Vaulter Garrison Hughes joins the show to discuss the season and his career at Nebraska.

  • As an exceptional student as well as an athlete, how does Garrison divide his time to be able to compete at the highest level and continue to be an exceptional student?
  • Hughes set a new personal best recently…what were the factors that led into that feat.

The Student Section: Husker Baseball and Frost’s Recruiting Strategy

With Spring Camp done, Nebraska fans can expect to see some transfers from the program.

  • Does Frost recruit the right guys or does he go after the highest star players?
  • When did Haarberg become the heir apparent?

The Student Section: Closing Segment

Big Sky and Nick wrap up the show with some NFL Draft discussion.

  • Two Husker linemen were drafted and the three other draft eligible Huskers signed UDFA deals.
  • Resident Packer fan Big Sky drops a hot take on the Aaron Rodgers news.

The Student Section: Andy Jacobs (Nebraska Pole Vaulter)

Nebraska Senior Pole Vaulter Andy Jacobs joins the show to discuss the season and her career at Nebraska.

  • As an exceptional student as well as athlete, how does Andy balance training/competing with high academic achievement?
  • What helped Andy become a top tier pole vaulter?

The Student Section: Spring Game Reflection

Fans got back into Memorial Stadium this weekend for the Nebraska Spring Game.

  • Did the Wide Receivers show enough to have confidence going into the next season?
  • Running Backs coach Ryan Held wants the running backs to slim up…is this a good idea?

The Student Section: Closing Segment

Nick and Big Sky wrap up the show with a little NFL and Husker Football discussion.

  • Would you rather Nebraska have a reliable back up quarterback or a dominant pass rusher?
  • Also, where should the 49ers go with the #3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft?

The Student Section: Kyle Dawson (National Champion Powerlifter)

Nick and Big Sky sit down with Husker Powerlifter and National Champion Kyle Dawson.

  • What is competitive powerlifting?
  • What does training consist of in a COVID-affected year?
  • Dawson’s nutrition plan is crazy!

The Student Section: Old Rivalries > New Rivalries

Texas’ volleyball account subtweeted Lexi Sun after beating the Huskers in the Sweet Sixteen.

  • Nick and Big Sky drop their take on the Tweet
  • Are the old Big 12/Eight rivalries still stronger than the forced rivalries of the Big Ten?
  • Also, the Spring Game is 6 days away, what should Nebraska fans expect?