Sept. 21st, SEG 9 – Dayn Perry (CBS Sports, Baseball)

  • Playoff races
  • Salvador Perez home run record

Sept. 21st, SEG 8 – Scott Frost audio and some laughter

  • Intolorence
  • Grass
  • Weird noises

Sept. 21st, SEG 7 – Let’s pause a moment and look ahead to Nebraska’s 2022 roster

  • Take a look at the 2-deep, how much different will it look?
  • Let’s also check in on the redshirt counter

Sept. 21st, SEG 6 – Michigan State, STRIPEOUT!!

  • “The Wood Shed” is going to be all stripes
  • Asking Sparty fans, not to sell tickets to NEB fans or they will ruin the stripeout

Sept. 21st, SEG 5 – NFL Reaction/Overreaction

  • CHIEFS fans should be worried after that loss
  • The STEELERS are no better than a .500 team
  • The TEXANS might not be bad
  • Kyler Murray will be the MVP
  • 0-2 teams most capable of climbing out? – Jets, Jags, Colts, Giants, Vikings, Lions, Falcons
  • Fakest 2-0 teams? – Raiders, Broncos, Panthers, Bucs, Rams, Cardinals

Sept. 21st, SEG 4 – Novelty shirts and car decorations

  • Bet punishments
  • Crazy shirts
  • Cars with stickers and flags and eyelashes??

Sept. 21st, SEG 3 – True or False with Rico

  • Taunting in the NFL
  • Packers best player
  • Drivers in Lincoln

Sept. 21st, SEG 2 – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Feeling in the program following the OU close loss
  • Looking forward to Michigan State
  • Position battles

Sept. 21st, SEG 1 – Shoutout Omar Manning and his unbelievable voice


Happer & Schaefer: September 20th – Closing Segment

  • Devious Licks and the lack of Schaefer knowing what they are
  • Pop Culture corner

Happer & Schaefer: September 20th – Allan Bell (SportsLine)

  • How was Week 2?
  • NFL games getting weird
  • Packers 11.5 point favorites against the Lions??

Happer & Schaefer: September 20th – Nebraska defense played well

  • Was it easier to do what they did against Oklahoma against a team like that?
  • Or is it more obvious when it happens against a high-powered offense?
  • Running game needs to improve for Michigan State