Early Break

Early Break: Show Wrap-Up

  •  Iowa basketball had the kind of week that makes you want to punch them in the face
    • Multiple buzzer beaters makes Jake angry
  • Fastest Two Minutes
  • Show wrap-up

Early Break: Husker basketball talk continues

  • Can Roby take the next step?
  • How far can the team go if Palmer struggles
  • Shut Up Sipple

Early Break: Is a turnaround in the future for the Huskers basketball team

  • The NCAA Tournament is still within reach, which is hard to believe—but it’s a really, really weak field this year, and the Pac-12 is horrible, which leaves bids from that conference open for grabs.
  • Do you attribute the two straight wins to bad teams coming into Lincoln, or has there been a switch that has made this team become more defense-oriented? Can that get them 3 more wins the rest of way in conference play?

Early Break: It was Team LeBron vs. Team Giannis last night in NBA All-Star Game…did you watch or care?

  • Sorensen didn’t watch any of the game or the events on Saturday (Dunk Contest/3-point contest) and didn’t feel bad about it—because of the Nebrasketball game. Probably wouldn’t have watched anyway. What about Sip?
  • NBA talk and Sip still struggles with names
  • Also, Song of the day:

Early Break: Nebraska Baseball starts the season off strong, taking 3 of 4 games from UC-Riverside

  • Nebraska’s bats exploded late in the opener, putting 21 runs on the board, and scored 43 runs total in the 4-game set against UC-Riverside, with the lone loss being in game 2, a 10-9 loss. How about Jaxon Hallmark? 10 RBIs in the 4-game series.
    • Riverside was picked dead last in the Big West…but still, good start for Nebraska. Next….OREGON STATE (gulp)

Early Break: Tim Miles wants to make it awkward for Bill Moos—Nebrasketball gets 2nd straight win

  • For the second straight game, it wasn’t pretty…but a win is a win. Isaiah Roby was an animal, with 19 points, 15 rebounds, 5 blocks, and somehow—zero fouls—as James Palmer struggled again (3-17 on FGs), but Nebraska still found a way
  • Nebraska is now 5-10 in conference play, with a road game upcoming tomorrow night at Penn State, and a home game on Saturday against Purdue, before 2 monster games at Michigan State and Michigan.
    • Are we seriously discussing the NCAA Tournament again, or is reality going to strike again tomorrow?

Early Break: Final thoughts on Nebraska/Northwestern tomorrow night at PBA

  • Nebraska just snapped a brutal 7-game losing streak and is trying to make up ground quickly as they descended to the cellar of the conference
  • Northwestern just had a massive collapse on the road at Iowa, and then lost to Rutgers on their homecourt. Nebraska can’t lose this game…can they? And what do we think if Nebraska wins?

Early Break: Will Nebraska Baseball deliver results this year? / Shut Up Sipple

  • Husker baseball begins today with a brutal start to the year, facing UC-Riverside. Will it be another slow start for the Huskers?
  • Nebraska lacked a lot last year—they were a light hitting team and had a very injured pitching staff…will that change for the better in 2019?
  • Shut up Sipple

Early Break: At what point would the Tim Miles discussion get back to being awkward, and how awkward would it be?

  • Nothing seemed awkward when Nebraska was riding a 7-game losing streak in what was supposed to be an easy stretch of play, as it seemed inevitable that Tim Miles would be fired at the end of the year.
    • That’s still a strong possibility, but what happens if the team goes on a run after Wednesday’s defeat of Minnesota?
  • Northwestern isn’t a terribly tough game tomorrow, and Penn State will be a test, but not unbeatable the following game. -What will it take for the conversation to get awkward again about whether or not Miles is fired?

Early Break: Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

  • USA Volleyball Nations League
    • Final X-USA Wrestling World Trials
    • NSAA State Tournament and much more
  • Song of the Day

Early Break: Non-conference play against Big Eight teams

  • Sean Keeler reports that if Nebraska has to play a power five team in non-conference play, they like it to be a rotation of former Big 8 rivals
    • Bill Moos expressed same sentiment
  • What type of hoods do millennials wear?

Early Break: Are the recent issues in the football program something to worry about?

  • Husker football players have been in the news for all the wrong reasons this week
    • Maurice Washington, Caleb Tannor and Chad Alioth all in trouble this week
  • Is this a sign of issues of discipline for Frost in the staff
    • Or is this the nature of the beast with college students?