Early Break

Offensive coaches and players talk today after practice…what can we learn at this point of Fall Camp that we don’t know already?

When will we get an official announcement on who are the starting o-linemen? What else do we need?

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

  • Do you feel like the Husker defense is ‘back’ already as we head into the 2019 season?
  • Recruiting news: 2 RBs have big interest in Nebraska (Sevion Morrison and Marvin Scott III)…what’s the expectation there for Nebraska on possible commitments?
  • Projecting Nebraska’s depth chart

Do you wish Nebraska played a marquee game to begin seasons or do you prefer the traditional cupcake game?

  • Not saying that last year’s game against Akron would have been a cupcake (they did beat Northwestern last season, for crying out loud), but it seemed to be an easier game than starting off with Colorado
  • However, you look at Wisconsin, and they’ve had season-openers in recent years with Alabama and LSU…did that do a lot for them compared to Nebraska playing lesser foes? It’s a better chance at starting off a season at 0-1, but also a chance at getting national attention right away with a big win..what’s the preference? Is there a right or wrong?

What individual player concerns/scares you the most that Nebraska faces this year?

  • Is it Rondale Moore at Purdue? Laviska Shenault at Colorado? Jonathan Taylor at Wisconsin? What is your order of who scares you the most and who you’re most concerned about being able to stop?
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY: (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

  • How confident are you in Nebraska being 4-0 heading into the Ohio State game?
  • Should Nebraska fans feel good about the (likely) new starters on the offensive line of Will Farniok and Trent Hixson?
  • What’s the stronger part of the defense: line or secondary? And are you ready to say the defense is ‘back’ already?

How confident are you that Nebraska will be 4-0 heading into the Ohio State game?

  • Sip picked Nebraska in his season projections to be 4-0 and also 5-0 following a win over Ohio State, but how confident is he in that prediction? What game provides the biggest challenge in the first four? Most would say it’s easily the road game at Colorado, but some might say Northern Illinois, too…
  • Would you put any money down on Nebraska starting off 4-0, or are you trained to believe they’ll slip up somewhere early on? For a team that went 4-8 the previous 2 years, nothing can be a given, obviously…are we getting ahead of ourselves too much, though?

Everyone is a turd of some regard in the world of Erik Chinander—yes, you read that right

  • Chinander said we’re all turds! What exactly does he mean? Tune in for his explanation….what kind of turd are Sip & Jake?!
  • Also, which team in the Top 10 has the best chance of ending the season unranked?

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

  • Are you on board with the alternate uniforms that were unveiled on social media yesterday?
  • Nebraska is preseason ranked No. 24 in the AP Poll. But should they be?

Nebraska begins the season at No. 24 in the AP Poll, becoming the first team to come off of an 8-loss season to be preseason ranked since 2000-01

  • Nebraska is one of seven B1G teams to be in the preseason rankings, leading all conferences in most ranked teams (Ohio State at #5 and Michigan at #7 are the sole Top 10 teams in the conference)
  • Do you believe the conference is as deep as the preseason rankings would indicate? Is the B1G overrated, underrated, or properly rated? The SEC is second in teams ranked with 6, and look at the ACC—only 2 teams ranked (Clemson, Syracuse). Yikes. Maybe this will give the B1G a better chance at the playoff this year…unless the conference just eats each other up…Clemson probably prefers being in a conference with 1 other ranked team compared to 6 other ranked teams, no?

Jalen Hurts and Justin Fields both officially named starters at their respective schools…which do you have more belief in?

  • Lincoln Riley announced Monday that Hurts will start for Oklahoma, and Ryan Day announced that Justin Fields will start at Ohio State. Hurts obviously has more experience with being a former starter at Alabama, but does that automatically mean he’ll be the better QB this year?
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Alternate jerseys unveiled for Nebraska…did they get it right or not?

  • Jake and Sip aren’t known as ‘big jersey guys,’ but even Jake thought the black look of the jerseys (for an unannounced game yet) look pretty dang good. Black is the way to go with alternates!
  • Are you in the crowd of “never change from traditional” or OK with an alternate uniform every year for one game?

BTN stopped by Nebraska yesterday for a view of practice…what were the biggest takeaways?

  • Ben Stille mentioned to media after practice that the offense had maybe it’s worst day of practice of the Fall so far, did the BTN crew feel the same way? And maybe that helps them to say that the defense has looked improved…interesting to see the breakdown
  • How do Dave Revsine, Gerry Dinardo and the rest of the crew view Nebraska in terms of the rest of the division/conference?