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Life is just different in the SEC, as seen by the prestige of being Georgia’s offensive line coach

-Over the weekend, Georgia OL coach Sam Pittman accepted the HEAD COACH position at Arkansas. His replacement? Georgia hired recently fired Ole Miss HEAD COACH Matt Luke to be their offensive line coach. Insanity! Imagine if that ever happened at Nebraska. We saw it with Bob Diaco in the Riley days… but that’s about it


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Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Omar Manning gets an offer from Texas A&M… how concerned should Nebraska fans be about getting him?

-Are we still expecting a flurry of commitments to happen on Early Signing Day or will we know more before then?

-How will you feel when you see Illinois and Indiana playing in bowl games and knowing Nebraska isn’t?


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ESPN.com lists their top 10 coaches of all time, and as usual, there are some curious rankings

-Jake and Sip continue their discussion from the previous segment about coaches who take new jobs after leading their teams to a bowl game

-Also, a whittle bit of discussion from the espn.com article regarding the top 10 coaches of all time

Should coaches who leave for new jobs still coach their previous team in their bowl game?

– Scott Frost, as we all remember, did coach in the bowl game for UCF, despite already being Nebraska’s coach/ New Florida State head coach Mike Norvell announced yesterday he won’t coach in the bowl game for Memphis…. what should be the standard way that this is handled?

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

– Nebraska looks bad in hindsight with not talking Joe Burrow in the past… but was it ever viewed as a massive mistake until this season? It’s a weird narrative.

– We’ve learned of Isiah Stalbird and Andrew Bunch putting their names in the transfer portal… how much more attrition could there be?

– How important is it for Nebraska to land Omar Manning in this class?

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If Adrian Martinez didn’t have enough to motivate him next year already, the constant ‘Joe Burrow wanted to be at Nebraska’ conversation should do plenty

– Joe Burrow had a phenomenal season, and is going to win the Heisman Trophy. And yes, we hear a new story every day about how Burrow wanted to come to Nebraska, but they didn’t think it he was good enough. Revisionist history isn’t kind to the program when things don’t go as expected… and it hurts with Burrow. However, no one hits 100% in recruiting.

– Still though, if Adrian Martinez doesn’t have enough motivation to improve next year, how much does all this Burrow talk help? Don’t forget, Martinez was viewed as a better Heisman candidate than Burrow heading into the season. Don’t you think he wants to go out and prove his critics this year wrong? Jake almost expects big things from him this offseason and for him to win the starting job in the spring.


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Close your eyes and envision what you’ll be thinking when you see Illinois AND Indiana playing in bowl games and not seeing Nebraska

-Illinois plays Cal on Dec. 30th in the RedBox bowl, and Indiana plays Tennessee on Jan.2 in the Gator Bowl. We went through the Big Ten slate yesterday and barely mentioned these games. Probably because they still don’t seem possible, especially in a world where Nebraska missed a bowl.


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Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Nebrasketball had a rough week; blowout losses to Georgia Tech and Creighton. So, where do we go from here?

-How does the team stay emotionally interested in the season with blowout losses like they’ve suffered?

-Nebraska heads to Indiana on Friday and hosts Purdue on Sunday…how the hell did that scheduling happen?


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Bill Moos wants Tommie Frazier to calm down his criticism of Scott Frost and the Nebraska football program on social media

-Sip spoke with Moos for 40 minutes on Saturday, and Moos brought up the Frazier comments without being prompted, and said he wished Tommie would realize what Nebraska was as a program already when he came here, compared to what it is now. Remember when Bo Pelini once said, ‘The N still sells’? Maybe so, but not like it used to

-Is Frazier just going for attention? Should fans give that to him or just ignore him? How many other vocal players are out there that are critical of the program and Frost?


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Doug Tvrdy (Madonna TherapyPlus physical therapist)

-How can people get into running for New Year’s resolutions, and actually stick to it?

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Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-Nebraska fans want to strive to be as good as Ohio State, but should they be thrilled with the decade that Wisconsin just had if they achieved it here?

-Jake doesn’t think Alabama will rise up for the Michigan game….why does Rick think he’s wrong?

-Thoughts on Chris Petersen stepping down at a ‘young’ age at Washington…


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A top target got a hometown offer last night, should we be concerned?

– Omar Manning got an offer from Texas A&M last night, how concerned should fans be?

– Also, does Sip have a love affair with Manning?

– Jake thinks the fanbase needs to back off on social media recruiting



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