Early Break

Jake saw an article on ESPN.com that had him wondering…who are the biggest phenoms you thought would be great that flamed out?

-ESPN.com had a nice feature on the disappointing career of Freddy Adu, who was cast as the next big thing in soccer at age 14, but never mounted much of a career and has been a ‘vagabond,’ as the article describes….is there anyone like him you KNEW was going to be great…but it just never happened? (Danny Almonte, Marcus Dupree…)

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-2 days until we find out if Isaiah Roby gets drafted into the NBA as the first Nebraska player this millennium….where do you think he ends up? S.I. had him going No. 46 to Orlando as of Monday

-It’s been an embarrassing stretch of no drafted players for Nebraska…how many players should they expect to get drafted over, let’s say, a 5-year stretch?

-Nebraska has been offering some big name players recently…any chance of getting any of them?

program expect to send players to the league?

-Parker pointed out yesterday that it’s really unfathomable how Nebraska has never won an NCAA Tournament game in its history—we are aware of the pain. But to not have anyone drafted this millennium? It’s almost 2020! How is that possible?! Yes, only 2 rounds of the draft, but still. It’s Division 1 basketball.

-How often should Nebraska expect to have players drafted to the league? Hoiberg had 4 players of his get drafted to the league at Iowa State (3 of them after he had left, but they were his players). Development will be big, although Nebraska has been offering some big names lately…

Would you ever have the balls to pretend you were someone else who looked like you?

-There was a fake Kawhi Leonard signing autographs for fans at Toronto’s NBA Championship parade, and the people getting signatures had no idea, although this guy was way shorter than Kawhi. Do you look like any famous people, and if so, would you ever have the balls to fake that you were them?


Athlon Sports puts Scott Frost as the B1G’s 4th best coach, and Ryan Day as No. 10

-We had the conversation last week with the Sporting News’ Bill Bender about coach rankings, and he had Ryan Day ahead of Scott Frost, despite only having 3 games of head coaching experience as an interim coach last year with the Buckeyes

-22nd might seem high, but doesn’t 10th in the league feel a little low? What is your fear level of the Buckeyes now without Urban Meyer? Think back to what happened in the one year in between Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer with Luke Fickell in 2011

College World Series talk—Should/do Nebraska fans cheer for Michigan?

-What teams in the Big Ten do you cheer for?

-Obviously, Nebraska fans don’t usually cheer for Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State

U.S. Open recap….great venue, but low scoring…is that OK?

-The U.S. Open has long been known as the tournament where sometimes the winning score is over par…the winning score was in double-digits under par for this tourney

-How long will this run of greatness from Brooks Koepka last? Years? This is 3 straight years of strong play…

– Are we expecting a flurry of commitments soon for the class of 2020? / Shut Up Sipple

-Parker wrote in the Journal Star over the weekend that although the class is small right now, Nebraska fans should expect some movement soon with commits

-Is there any concern at all or reason for concern, or is it always In Frost We Trust regardless?

Bill Moos has now made hires in the three major men’s sports at Nebraska…do you feel confident that all three will pan out?

-You’d be hard-pressed to find many people who are skeptical of what Scott Frost and Fred Hoiberg might do, and probably most people are confident in what Will Bolt can/will do here

-Compare these hires to the ones that Tom Osborne made in men’s sports (Pelini, Miles, Erstad)…do you feel like the current hires can take each program to the next level? Which has the biggest questions?

HUGE trade in the NBA as Anthony Davis is headed to the Lakers to play with LeBron…did L.A. give up too much, though?

-New Orleans traded Anthony Davis to the Lakers in return for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and 3 first round draft picks, including the #4 overall pick in this month’s NBA Draft


Friday Night Lights and the Pipeline camp happened over the weekend…what were the biggest takeaways/impressions?

-Parker was in attendance for both; Jake was not at either. Looked like Blaise Gunnerson made a big impression on Friday, as did Teddy Prochazka on Saturday. And the Mad Hatter made an appearance, too!

-300 campers showed up to each camp, and that was particularly impressive for the Pipeline’s first ever camp….any potential commitments to follow soon or how productive do we view this camp to be?

Nebraska baseball lands Will Bolt as its next head coach…right man for the job or underwhelming?

-Bolt was thought early on to be a favorite for the job, then Rob Childress’ name got hot for a while, and when that cooled off, it seemed like Bolt’s job to lose, and that was the case

-Bolt is beloved as a player for being a part of College World Series teams for Nebraska in 2001 and 2002, and has been known to be a good recruiter…will he get the job done here? Bill Moos said he is the only person he offered the job to….do you believe that, too?


-Also, congrats to Gary Woodland