Early Break

There’s a real chance that the Olympics doesn’t happen this year….imagine that…

-IOC senior member Dick Pound (yes, that’s his name) estimates there is a 3-month window to decide the fate of the Tokyo Olympics to be held in August, which is in question because of the coronavirus spreading so much. Can you imagine if the Olympics was canceled? Talk about a major event not happening…..wow

Is there any advantage at all of rotating offensive linemen instead of keeping starters in the whole time? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-We’ve heard from Greg Austin that he’d like to rotate linemen in games instead of keeping the starters in the whole time, but it’s been pretty much the starters so far through 2 years unless there’s injury

-What’s the preference, and what’s the best solution? Starters the whole time or quality enough depth that you can actually have backups come in and give the starters a break? Does that work in fast paced offense?

What If Wednesday: What if Scott Frost hadn’t chosen to come back to Nebraska in late 2017?

-Let’s welcome back our producer, Alex Baker, for this week’s installment of What If Wednesday. What if Frost, Nebraska’s prodigal son, didn’t take the job in December 2017 when Mike Riley was let go? What direction would they have had to go?

-Imagine if Frost turned down Nebraska to stay at UCF or went to one of the other jobs. A program that already was starting to lose its way may have lost total major fan belief if they couldn’t get him. Would Mike Norvell have moved the needle at all? Or Chip Kelly?

Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-What’s the difference between sneaking into a bowl at 6 wins this year vs. missing a bowl game at 5 wins in terms of belief in Scott Frost and momentum in general?

-What players have the most to prove this spring and are needed to breakthrough for Nebraska to also breakthrough as a program?

-How close do you follow the NFL Combine and what do you view as the most important drill?

247 Sports lists Scott Frost among the top of college coaches who have pivotal years in 2020 to show momentum

-It’s hard to argue that. The list clearly states it is NOT a ‘hot list,’ but it’s a list of coaches who face pivotal years in their tenures at their respective schools and their careers in general

-The write-up says Frost needs to at least make a bowl game to prove momentum is happening and so that recruiting doesn’t fade off and fan support remains high. It would be unfortunate to see a 4th straight year of no bowl game and a 3rd straight year to begin the Frost era of such a thing…

-Other coaches on the list:  Tom Herman, Jimbo Fisher, Clay Helton, Chip Kelly, Kevin Sumlin, etc….

Georgia just made a massive power move yesterday at an underrated spot

-Kirby Smart pried away Alabama’s strength and conditioning coach, Scott Cochran, to go run special teams in Athens, and be an on-field coach. He was the 5th highest-paid S&C coach in the nation at ‘Bama ($595,000 annually), and has been with Nick Saban for all of his 6 championships (even the one at LSU)

-Can you imagine if something like this happened at Nebraska to an in-conference rival?

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-How much blame should be on Nebrasketball’s coaching staff for their rough second half performances vs. blame to the players?

-Thoughts on last night’s game vs. Illinois..

-We saw Hunter Sallis in action last week in Omaha…what were your impressions and where does Nebrasketball stack up currently?

What players have the most pressure to breakthrough this spring for Nebraska and prove it in the Fall?

-The Journal Star started a weeklong series yesterday that began with Caleb Tannor as someone who faces critical weeks upcoming this spring, as Nebraska coaches hope he can start to show more life

-He’s an obvious choice for fans…but who else? Can you actually say Ty Robinson? He’s young, but many are saying he could be a starter or at least a big contributor if not. Other options might be Austin Allen, Damion Daniels, Rahmir Johnson…who else stands out?

Why do people fixate so much about QB hand sizes at the NFL Combine?

-It’s kind of started to become a joke that people talk about, but there is so much attention on it. Joe Burrow’s hand measured at 9 inches, and the average for a QB is 9.7 inches….everybody panic!!

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-It’s NFL Combine week…how much should NFL teams take away from this week vs. what they saw on the field during the season?

-How much advantage does a freshman who is here in the spring have over a freshman arriving in August for Fall camp?

-What does it usually take for a player who has been playing under their potential to finally breakthrough in what you’ve seen?

Nebrasketball took on Illinois last night…was the losing streak broken or extended?

-Did Nebraska end it’s 11 game losing skid? Or did Ayo Dosunmo and Kofi Cockburn prove too much to handle?

-Look at Illinois’ program under Brad Underwood. They won 14 games in year 1 and 12 games in year 2 before breaking out in year 3 to the level that they’re at, which some view as a potential deep run candidate in the NCAA Tournament

-How would it be viewed if Hoiberg followed up a single-digit win season at Nebraska with 12 wins next year (around a 12-19 record)? Would you still believe in big things coming or have hesitation? Or would Underwood’s success in year 3 make you believe that a huge breakout is coming?

It’s officially NFL Combine week…do you pay attention or follow it at all?

-It’s a week where players can really make some big leaps up in draft potential by impressing in different athletic achievements; and sometimes, can be elevated too high up the board because of how they perform in shorts and shirts instead of pads and helmets