Early Break

Husker hoops back in action tonight in the Hall of Fame Classic in Kansas City

-Nebraska is trying to build on their 3-0 start, with a 6pm tip tonight against Missouri State, and a game tomorrow against either Texas Tech or USC. What concerns do you have if any?

-By the way, Seton Hall lost at home to Saint Louis on Saturday—the Billikens were preseason A-10 favorites, though. But doesn’t help Nebraska’s resume that The Hall lost                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Tony Davis (Former Husker/NFL RB) / Shut Up Sipple

-Did you think this team was able to win a game like that on Saturday without their high-flying offense?

-How do you remember this Senior class?

-Will Nebraska beat Iowa on Black Friday to close out their season?

It is officially Iowa week…does Scott Frost beat the Hawkeyes in his first year with Nebraska?

-Iowa had been playing bad football the previous 3 weeks before absolutely embarrassing Illinois, 63-0, on Saturday….they seem to be awake now. My goodness

-However, Nebraska proved on Saturday that they won’t get pushed around against physical teams when the weather gets cold and nasty. That’s major growth compared to previous years…will the same conversation be in play on Friday at Iowa City?

-This is essentially Nebraska’s bowl game coming up…think about the actual momentum they’ll gain by beating Iowa….Jerald Foster has already predicted it will happen!

The coaching carousel is in full swing…and what the heck is going on with the Browns’ supposed interest in Condoleezza Rice?

-In college football, Les Miles was named Kansas’ new head coach, a 5-year deal to take the place of David Beatty—and also, Colorado officially announced the firing of Mike McIntyre, effective immediately. Could Matt Wells be the guy for CU? And what exactly is this all about Condoleezza Rice and Cleveland?


More on special teams…outside of Stanley Morgan’s mistake on a punt return, a problem area was a reason WHY Nebraska won on Saturday

-How many times this year have we complained about Nebraska not being able to get anything going on special teams? Well, in a game like this, you thought that would favor Michigan State. Instead, it was Pickering drilling kickoffs and field goals, Isaac Armstrong hitting good punts, and return teams being smart outside of Morgan’s mistake on the one return….and not a ton of awful penalties on Nebraska, too…things are cleaned up!

Huskers prove they can win a tough, physical game in cold weather and take down Michigan State, 9-6, on Senior Day

-Snow, wind, cold, and a physical opponent played a big factor in the game, as Nebraska was scoreless through 3 quarters, but big defensive plays and just enough offense—plus, HOW ABOUT BARRET PICKERING!!—led to Nebraska taking down the Spartans in a memorable Senior Day

-Be honest with yourself…did you think that Nebraska could outplay the physical Spartans in those conditions before the game? You saw an early breakdown in rush defense on Michigan State’s opening drive, but that got mostly cleaned up after that. Nebraska’s offense wasn’t pretty on Saturday, but they still found a way to win…the first Nebraska win without a TD since 1937 (!!!!!!!)

Keys to Nebraska – Michigan State / PICKS OF THE WEEKEND

-Notre Dame/Syracuse                                       Cincinnati/UCF                                      Iowa State/Texas

-Wisconsin/Purdue                                             Northwestern/Minnesota                  Michigan St/Nebraska

Lee Sterling (Paramount Sports) / Shut Up Sipple

-Last week: 2-3

-Notre Dame (-9) vs. Syracuse                           -Ohio State (-16’) vs. Maryland

-Michigan (-27’) vs. Indiana                                -Michigan State (-1’) vs. Nebraska

-NFL: LA Rams (-2’) vs. Kansas City                    -Game of Week: Northwestern (-2’) vs. Minnesota

What are the most important things you need to see the next 2 weeks as Nebraska finishes their season?

-It’s hard to just say ‘better defense,’ but maybe it’s as simple as that against lackluster offense. What over the next 2 weeks can give you good closure to a sub-.500 season? Maybe just keeping guys healthy? Is it more than that?

-Will the next 2 games change your thoughts about what to expect next year or do you already have your expectations set regardless of what happens? Would be a letdown to see Nebraska play poorly the next 2 games, but maybe that won’t matter at all for 2019.

Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

-NSAA Football championships, UNL Wrestling vs. Wisconsin, Museum of American Speed, and Jack Frost Jog


Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-How far should this team go? Have you seen enough to believe through 3 games or any skepticism?

-Cary liked what he saw from Glynn Watson’s form/shot on Wednesday…will he still be inconsistent?

-Thoughts on depth? Guys like Harris/Akenten/Borchardt/Heiman

Scott Frost says he thinks this team at the moment could beat just about anyone in the league….do you feel the same way?

-Frost said that on Thursday post-practice in saying he was proud of the team for how they’ve battled through adversity, and now things they can take on anyone. How different is this team from what we saw vs. Michigan and Wisconsin? If Nebraska had a chance to play those teams again now, how would it go for the Huskers? We might learn more about that tomorrow against Michigan State

-How does Frost continue to keep the guys motivated knowing that a bowl game is very unlikely and the division is already gone?

-More Frost audio from Thursday: