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It’s time for everyone to get their kids to start playing baseball—Troy Tulowitzki’s situation explains why

-Tulowitzki was released by the Blue Jays on Tuesday and is owed $38 million still from his contract, because all money of course is guaranteed in baseball. Can you imagine getting paid that much money NOT TO PLAY?!

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-We’re a week away from the start of the early National Signing Period…what kind of action are we expecting over the next week?

-Do you think Adrian Martinez should legitimately be in the Heisman conversation going into his sophomore year as he currently is by some outlets?

-Is there a replacement for Tony Fair?

Is there a way to improve college football scheduling and improve intrigue and give Group of 5 teams a better chance at making the playoff?

-There was a great idea out there by someone named Andrew Elsass the other day that brought up the conversation that it seems dumb a lot to have games scheduled 12-15 years in advance for the non-conference portion of the schedule—his idea was to have a schedule release tv show (or something to that point) that would let teams essentially play 4 non-conference games against 4 different tiers of football (Tier 1 – Top 28 teams; Tier 2 – teams ranked 29 -56; etc.)

-How cool would it be to have no idea where you’re playing each year in non-conference games until 5 months before? Is that possible for travel purposes or too good to be true? It would give Group of 5 teams a chance to play a good Tier 1 team to help their resume when all is said and done….and that also might anger that same Tier 1 team. This isn’t a complete bulletproof idea

An average MLB player thinks he could strike out Babe Ruth every time if he played nowadays

-Free agent pitcher Adam Ottavino said the other day that when he was in Triple-A baseball, he had an argument with a coach about how effective Babe Ruth would be in current day with his swing, and he said he would perform poorly with lots of strikeouts. Who the hell does this guy think he is?


Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-What happened with Tony Fair and Justin McGriff?

-Early Signing Period begins a week from today…how much action do you expect to see with commits before that? Expecting surprises that day or should pretty much have an idea of who is going to sign and come early?

-What percentage of the class do you think signs during the Early Period?

How many current coaches at Nebraska will end up having statues built in honor of their successes here?

-John Cook is the obvious top candidate at the moment; the question for him becomes when, not if…right? And Tim Miles isn’t the most popular coach all the time, but if he wins a game in the NCAA Tournament or makes a run this year in it, Sorensen will build the damn statue himself. And what about Scott Frost? It takes a lot to get a football statue for you—multiple national championships, at that—how do we feel about his chances of getting bronzed?

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-How big was the win against Creighton strictly for psychological reasons? Is that a monkey off the back that helps Nebraska believe in going further this year?

-Can we ever get that version of Thomas Allen more consistently or is just going to be there in big home games?

-Thoughts on the Miles/McDermott in-game technical and interesting postgame comments?

Did you ever think you’d see a day at Nebraska where it’s BASKETBALL that has the most-heated rivalry of any sport?

-It’s a great thing and a sad thing at the same time; this athletic program is obviously built around football, and fans sure do dislike Iowa/Wisconsin/others, but not to the extent that Nebraska basketball fans hate Creighton. Think about that for a second—the BEST rivalry currently at Nebraska is for a program that is the only Power 5 team to never have won an NCAA Tournament game. Fascinating

-The hatred there has built over many years though—and as we’ve discussed with football, it’s still going to take some time to get to that level of a hated rivalry like Nebraska/Creighton. Will Nebraska/Iowa ever touch the level of what Nebraska/Creighton is?

Back to Kyler Murray again—is it a bad look for college football if the Heisman Trophy winner goes pro in a different sport?

-Kyler Murray undoubtedly deserved the award for the best player in the country with the Heisman Trophy award, but it just feels kind of empty in case he honors his MLB commitment and goes to play with Oakland. It’s happened before with Charlie Ward (but he wasn’t considered a great NFL prospect)…what about now?


Bill Snyder does not get his wish at Kansas State, as Chris Klieman is set to be named next head coach

-There was tension for years at K-State, because Snyder wanted his son, Sean, to be the head coach to follow him. Instead, Snyder retired, and Kansas State went the route of Chris Klieman from North Dakota State—a very accomplished coach with national championships…but we wonder how Snyder feels about it

-How would this have gone if Tom Osborne had not gotten his wish when he wanted Frank Solich to replace him when he stepped down? Can you deny a legend of his wish? Didn’t happen here…

Is 2019 too early to be talking about Adrian Martinez as a Heisman Trophy candidate?

-Apparently not according to some services: The USA Today’s Paul Myerberg put Martinez as his 7th best candidate to in the award for next season; behind the likes of Tua Tagovailoa, Dwayne Haskins, Trevor Lawrence, and more

-This is a part of the reason why we say it’s not just the fans that create pressure to win in year 2 for Frost; it’s the fact you have a dynamic QB on the roster who only has 2 more years to play following the next season. You can’t waste him—but will he be a legitimate candidate for the award next season already, or need more seasoning/a team that is playing well enough to be recognized?

-Also—Justin McGriff transfers

Kyler Murray wins the Heisman Trophy…surprised Tua didn’t win or was Murray the right guy

-For much of the season, it felt like Tua winning the Heisman was a given…but then Murray kept playing good football, and Tua got hurt against Georgia and replaced by Jalen Hurts who led the comeback…and things changed. But 2 straight Oklahoma QBs win the trophy…interesting times

-Will we see Adrian Martinez in the conversation next year for the trophy or too soon?