DP & Stephens: Blog Jog

Rico is here to do the Blog Jog!

DP & Stephens: Nate Clouse (Husker Online)

Husker Online’s Nate Clouse joins the show for our weekly discussion.

  • Husker Football Recruiting
  • Do we ever look back at how much effort we put into Luke McCaffrey and Wan’Dale…and now they’re gone.

DP & Stephens: Opening Segment

Tom still feels like poop, but he still played in the golf league last night.

Husker Baseball was phenomenal.

DP & Stephens: The Leftovers

We wrap up the show with the Leftovers!

Talk to you tomorrow!

DP & Stephens: Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)

It’s time for our weekly discussion with Steve Sipple of the Lincoln Journal Star.

  • Husker Football discussion.
  • Big Ten Quarterbacks.

DP & Stephens: Buzzy Caruthers (Husker Basketball)

Husker Basketball’s Director of Player Development Buzzy Caruthers joins the show for our weekly discussion.

  • Derrick Walker has a phenomenal story.
  • Does there need to be “a guy” who leads this team?
  • Keisei Tominaga makes a lot of people excited!

DP & Stephens: Wing Man

It’s time for Wing Man!

Movie Monday, on a Monday — Happer is here to help!

DP & Stephens: Big Ten Quarterbacks

Let’s look at the list of Big Ten Quarterbacks…

Would we take any other QBs ahead of Adrian Martinez?

DP & Stephens: Johnny Holliday (Voice of Maryland Basketball/Football)

Johnny Holliday joins the show after his trip to Florida!

  • Johnny went to a Sonny & Cher concert!
  • The Beatles tickets were only $6.

DP & Stephens: Blog Jog

It’s time for the jog!

DP & Stephens: Tom’s Ten – Best of the Weekend

Tom gives us his best things that happened over the weekend!

  • Rory McIlroy won the golf!

DP & Stephens: Opening Segment!

Welcome Back – It’s Monday!

  • Tom is a little sick.
  • Husker Baseball needs to score 100 runs.
  • Husker Wideouts have entered the portal.