Early Break: Hot Take’s last hurrah—a proper send-off for our jubilant young produce

  • We have dreaded this day for weeks, but it’s finally here—our young son must head out into the world and work at a camp this summer, and then find something beyond that. We wish he wouldn’t leave, but wish him the best
  • What are Hot Take’s best memories of his time with the show?

Early Break: Which Huskers might make big leaps in 2019? / Shut Up Sipple

  • Sipple gives another word of the day… and mispronounces it.
  • Shut up Sipple

Early Break: How much Kool-Aid are Husker fans drinking?

  • If we put the line at Nebraska going 8-4 this year, would more people lean toward 9-3 / better, or 7-5 /worse?
  • Jake has heard from a lot of people regarding his cynicism/realism regarding the preseason rankings so far this year, and just wants to get a fair representation from the listeners about where they are closer to. If the win total was put at 8, or just simply put an 8-4 record, would you learn toward guessing this team goes under that, at 7-5; or over it, at 9-3 or better?
  • This will help tell us where people locally stand vs. those nationally. If the majority say 9-3 is more likely than 7-5, than maybe Jake is reading the people wrong. But he’s not sure he is.

Early Break: Husker Baseball sits outside the NCAA Tournament as of yesterday’s projections

  • The action begins tonight, as Nebraska tries to build off of Monday’s win at Northwestern and get a nice run to end the season with back-to-back home series against Arizona State and Michigan—2 teams that are both in the Top 40 in RPI in the nation
  • It’s put up or shut up time for Nebraska, especially since they are at home. Will they show up and perform or end the season on a thud?

Early Break: Hot Take gets his first and last song of the day

  • HOT TAKE’S SONG OF THE DAY… of course it’s Adele
  • How did the texters react?

Early Break: Is Scott Frost a Top 25 head coach in the nation or a Top 10 coach?

  • CBS Sports went through their top coaches the other day, and a group of writers voted Scott Frost as the No. 25 coach in the nation, behind the likes of Paul Chryst, Matt Campbell, David Cutcliffe, Kirk Ferentz, and Pat Fitzgerald, among others
  • Barton Simmons, of CBS Sports and 247 Sports, thinks that Frost is the No. 7 coach in the nation—-a rating that Husker fans surely like to see. But doesn’t that seem like more of what he ‘could be’? Would anyone right now feel comfortable—besides Simmons—of putting him that high? 25 might seem too low, but 7 seems too high. Where would you put him?

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 2

  • Hot Take on Avalanche Game 7 and tonight’s Nuggets/Blazers Game 6
  • show wrap-up

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

  • How concerned are you about Dedrick Mills being eligible to play at Nebraska? Maurice Washington status?
  • Nebraska football discussion
  • Is there any reason in the world for Nebraska to be considered as Ohio State’s top challenger to the Big Ten title this year?
  • Shut up Sipple

Early Break: What matters more, the academics or being able a successful football program

  • Jake and Sip continue to talk about whether it’d be OK or not for Nebraska to sacrifice their grades in order to have a good football team
    • What do the texters and callers think?
  • How far would you go to win a championship?

Early Break: MAILBAGGGG!!!!! Your questions, our answers

  • It’s the final appearance for Hot Take—send your emails to earlybreak937@gmail.com
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY:

Early Break: Would you be OK with Nebraska having bad academics if it resulted in winning consistently?

  • The answer seems like an obvious ‘yes,’ but there are those out there who will (rightfully) point out that college is for helping the majority of these players to get degrees without a future in professional football
  • Michigan State was last in the conference in APR this past year at 948. Let’s say Nebraska was last place, and right around the 930 minimum that’s acceptable to get into the postseason, and obviously toward the bottom of college football…would you care as long as they’re winning?

Early Break: Can Fred Hoiberg fix one of the biggest things that has plagued Nebrasketball for decades?

  • What problem might that be, besides obviously having zero NCAA Tournament wins? QUALITY bench depth. Nebraska has rarely felt confident in going to the bench in a long time, outside of maybe having a good 6th man in some years…but you look at other teams around the B1G, and while Nebraska may have had more talented starters the past 2 years, they were severely flawed beyond that.
  • Doc Sadler, Barry Collier, and Tim Miles all struggled to fill out a quality team. They all had decent starters at times, but just had a completely weak bench. A major key to making a run in tournaments is having quality depth beyond the starters. Nebraska now has 4 open scholarships again with the news of Amir Harris and Karrington Davis joining Brady Heiman in the transfer portal….can they get quality depth as soon as this year, or is that a lost cause?