Hot Take Weather Report + Comments from PI in Saints game

  • Did he survive the Icepocalypse?
  • Weather Update
  • How blatant was the Pass Interference

Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Takeaways from Nebrasketball/Rutgers
  • Read on the B1G
  • Is Maryland really as good as their record says or will they succumb to the schedule soon?
  • Thoughts on Nebraska’s upcoming schedule

How confident are fans in the Huskers moving forward?

  • Team is talented but has had its let downs
  • Team needs to dig in deep
  • Do fans want Miles gone?

Let’s go back to Tony Romo’s incredible performance on the broadcast of the AFC Championship

  • should he be looked at for coaching opportunities?
  • He was a Wizard predicting plays all game long, is this something GM’s want in a coach?

Bill Snyder will speak at April’s Coaches Clinic in Lincoln

  • where does he stack up on all-time coaches that Nebraska’s faced and that you respect?
  • Snyder took over Kansas State in the ‘80s when they were the worst team in the sport and made them respectable in a short amount of time
  • Is he a top ten coach of all time that the Huskers have faced?

Nebrasketball/Rutgers recap

  • Nebraska falls to a very weak Rutgers team.
  • Classic Huskers on display, failing to get up for lesser opponents
  • What’s next for the Big Red?

Sip loves blue bloods, is he wrong?

  • College football talk
    • Is it even worth it to have a playoff with teams right now?
  • Do you agree with Sip to cheer for the Blue Bloods?
    • Or do you prefer the underdogs
  • Also: Sip confused about what’s open on MLK day

Is it possible in today’s day and age to ‘bolster’ the walk-on program? / Shut Up Sipple

  • Sip wrote a column about this over the weekend,
    • because it’s been a goal of Frost to improve the walk-on program, but having so many smaller schools willing to give players scholarships, it makes it tougher to convince a kid to walk-on for free
  • Shut up Sipple

Nebrasketball heads to Rutgers tonight

  • is a win all that matters, or do you need to see a resounding victory?
  • Nebraska was listed as anywhere from a 6.5 to 8 point favorite in pre-game spreads. Rutgers has only 1 conference win, but it was at home vs. a previously ranked Ohio State team (64-61 win).
  • Huskers still listed as a five seed, what needs to be done to actually get there?

Huskers land a big commit from Noa Pola-Gates, plus a big TD for Devine Ozigbo in the East-West Shrine Bowl game

  • Ozigbo going up draft boards quickly
    • projected third round pick
  • Song of the Day
  • Is Jake a Hipster?
  • Should we ever trust his musical taste

Nebraska football listed as 15th most valuable program in Wall Street Journal article…how high can they go up that list and how soon?

  • More NFL talk
  • Nebraska is listed behind the likes of LSU, Wisconsin, and Tennessee among others.
  • what’s their ceiling on the list?
  • how soon can it be achieved?

The Super Bowl is set….are you excited for the game or is it a yawner?

  • Does having players from Nebraska in it make it more intriguing?
  • They were 2 great games, ending in OT, as both ROAD TEAMS got the job done—Lincoln’s own Greg Zuerlein made a 57-yard FG in OT to beat the Saints, and then Tom Brady had a great drive in OT to beat the Chiefs, 37-31.
  • Tom Brady’s first season resulted in a Super Bowl win against the Rams…is there any chance he retires if the Pats win in the Super Bowl?