Local Nebraska golf pro is climbing up the leaderboard at the PGA Championship

– Ryan Vermeer of Happy Hollow Golf Club won the PGA Professional Championship last year, earning him an invitation to the PGA Championship going on this week. Currently he sits at even after the first day and T-17

– Brooks Koepka is a dude.

– Tiger struggles

Nebraska baseball gets the first win of the series over Michigan / Shut Up Sipple

Isaiah Roby is receiving plenty of praise at the NBA Draft combine

– Jay Bilas: ”I think he showed why he’s a very good prospect in this year’s draft. (Roby is) probably a top second-round pick, maybe he can sneak into the first round.”

– He had finished with 10 points, five rebounds and three blocks in 21 minutes of one scrimmage

– He’s met with 5 teams (Houston, Miami, Phoenix, Toronto, Golden State)

– His testing numbers show he’s one of the most athletic forwards in the draft

– How will you remember Isaiah Roby at Nebraska?

– The Hoiberg/Miles/Beilein picture.

Derek Bombeck: Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

FOX’s 11a.m. time slot will now be its primetime game – are you OK with Nebraska’s biggest games potentially being at that time?

– 11am games arguably make an impact on recruiting.

– Fans generally are disinterested in early games. Memorial Stadium tends to be less a snooze fest for them.

The Big Ten is the richest conference in college sports, how should that factor into athletic expectations at Nebraska?

            – The Big Ten made $759 million in 2018. That’s $250 million more than the conference made in previous year. The SEC is in second with $660 million last year. What should the Big Ten conference’s expectations be, considering they make more than the SEC?

– Nebraska gets its fair share of the money too, they’ll make over $50 million with the deal. How should Nebraska utilize the money? Football facilities are certainly on the docket. It’s no secret, too, that updated facilities will impact performance and recruiting.

– What more expectations in other Nebraska athletics should be set?

Shut up Sipple / NBA and PGA Championship

More on Nebraska basketball and the roster – When’s it time to set expectations?

It’s incredibly impressive on how quickly Fred Hoiberg has turned the roster at Nebraska, was it as easy as it looked?


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Nebraska baseball begins a huge series this weekend

Nebraska basketball picks up two more for the upcoming season