Wisconsin just shut out their 4th opponent of the year….through only 6 total games

-Are we sure the Badgers aren’t on the level of Ohio State? Wisconsin beat Michigan State 38-0 to register another blowout win and a fourth shutout of the season…that seems unfathomable, yet here we are. How good is Ohio State/Wisconsin going to be coming up?

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Did Jake deserve it?

-Jake was running behind when going to a tee time and had a minor incident on the way, did he deserve what happened next…..

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The Husker After Party Postgame: Ohio State

  • Happer and Snow react to Nebraska’s 48-7 loss to Ohio State

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Ohio State is a premier team in the nation…what are Nebraska’s advantages, if any, in this game?

-How do you feel about Nebraska’s chances to contain JK Dobbins based on what you saw last Saturday against Reggie Corbin?

-Does Nebraska have a chance to win or do you foresee an easy Buckeye win?


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Husker Afterparty Postgame: Illinois

Happer and Snow react to Nebraska’s 42-38 win over Illinois.

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Video game streamers are now making six figures and have a chance to win millions in the upcoming “Fortnite Cup”

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  • Expectations for Wisconsin this season
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  • Maurice Washington update
  • OC Troy Walters expects “receivers by committee” in 2019
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  • Which Nebraska position groups are sure things, and which are a little bit tricky
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