Let’s check in on the NBA bubble where things….are actually going pretty well!

  • Laugh all you want about the idea of the bubble, but cases are extremely low and the play on the court seems decent enough as well
  • This could be a pretty defining moment in what has already been a solid tenure for Adam Silver.

Here’s a fun opt-out story: Yoenis Cespedes left the Mets without telling anyone, and is opting out the rest of the season / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

  • Cespedes didn’t show up for Sunday’s game, and when his hotel room was checked, all his stuff was gone, and his agent later informed the team that he had opted out
  • This year is on drugs. How are we going to tell people 30 years down the road about sports and life in 2020? This is a pretty good example of things that are bizarre that just don’t feel that weird now

Cleveland.com picks Nebraska to finish 4th in the Big Ten West this year….is that too high, too low, or just right?

  • Wisconsin was picked first, with Minnesota 2nd and Iowa at 3rd. Being picked fourth in years past was very upsetting to Nebraska fans, but with 3 straight missed bowl games and the teams ranked higher than them coming off good-to-great seasons, it’s hard to put a struggling Nebraska team that high
  • The question is whether Nebraska fans would be happy or satisfied if that’s where Nebraska ended the season. Keep in mind, we also don’t know of a schedule plan yet, either. If you make a bowl (if there are bowl games), 4th place would sound just fine for now.

The Early Break Golf Course Tour continues with…Norfolk Country Club!

  • What did Jake think of the course and what questions does Sip have? Tune in to find out…
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Things are getting very….interesting in the Pac-12 with potential boycotts

  • A group of Pac-12 players penned a letter in The Players Tribune over the weekend that had a variety of requests on there, from saying commissioner Larry Scott and others who are ‘excessively paid’ should have that reduced; that there should be less strict measures from opting out of the season with COVID concerns; and more
  • Here we are. Everything is great. Just kidding. Something new everyday. Are they in the wrong?

Is it selfish to want the college football season to happen in the midst of COVID?

  • Jake and Sip don’t think so. The World-Herald’s Tom Shatel wrote about it over the weekend, and had the same tone as them. Do those out there listening feel so opposed to playing that they would view supporters as selfish?
  • More players keep opting out in pro sports and also discussions of it happening in college sports…should anyone be critical of that or completely understanding?

Aging Gracefully (brought to you by Carriage Glen)

Could the Loss of the Davis Bros. and Darrion Daniels severely hinder the defense? / Shut Up Sipple

Their departures could impact the defense similar to the way the loss of Ozigbo and Morgan hurt the offense going into year 2.

This has to be the last year where lack of talent is an excuse, right?

Is recruiting actually not as big of an obstacle as we typically think at Nebraska?

MLB returning in less than a week!

Does it seem like there is a lack of excitement for it considering all we’ve been asking for is to see sports?

Plus, SONG OF THE DAY (brought to you by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Would a home and home schedule with divisional opponents take away from what makes CFB special?

Would a limited bowl season restore the honor of making a bowl?

Dedrick Mills named to the Doak Walker Award watch list. Could he have a breakout season?

Who spells Mills at the RB position this season?