Class B Quarterfinal: Waverly vs Omaha Skutt

Class A Quarterfinal: Lincoln East vs Bellevue West

Class A Quarterfinal: Lincoln Pius X vs Millard West

Class B Quarterfinal: Norris vs Blair

Ohio State 12/31/20

Erick Strickland and Derrick Pearson look back at Nebraska’s 90-54 loss at Ohio State.

Mike Schaefer, pt 3 / Previewing the weekend

  • Looking ahead to this weekend’s college bowl games
  • Two minute drill

Mike Schaefer, pt 2 / What is next for Nebraska Football?

  • Which senior decisions loom the largest?
  • Keem Green goes into the portal yesterday, the portal is gonna be HOT!
  • Shut Up Sipple, brought to you by Bagels and Joe

Mike Schaefer, pt 1 / How does Nebraska basketball start winning?

  • Nebraska basketball has lost 20 straight B1G games. Is there any excuse for that?

Bad bowl games tonight, good ones tomorrow!

  • How does Sipple feel about the whole Ohio State thing? Cool with them getting in the playoff?
  • Also…song of the day

Reaction from Fred Hoiberg and your phone calls

  • Hear what head coach Fred Hoiberg had to say after Nebrasketball’s loss to OSU
  • Oklahoma crushed Florida 55-20 in the Cotton Bowl

We’re at a scary moment for Nebrasketball

  • They get absolutely boat raced last night by Ohio State.
  • Am I wrong to be a little worried about where this team is at mentally?
  • What is wrong?
    • When they get to that inflection point in a game, they put a lot of pressure on themselves. Not to put too much on him, but I kind of think that starts with Teddy.
  • The wait to get Derrick Walker back is on.

Wisconsin 12/22/20