Lane McCollum says he can kick 68 yard field goals—that is not a typo

-OK, well, it’s not a typo, but it does have an asterisk—he said he could kick that far while at Air Force in practices, because of the elevation. He said he could probably go back to 52 or 53 yards right now if he was called upon in Lincoln (despite career-long in a game being 47 yards, back in high school at Norfolk)

-Should he get the nod this week if Nebraska is again without Barret Pickering?

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Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Are you expecting College Gameday to come to Lincoln next weekend? How important would that be?

-Did Nebraska turn a corner as a team against Northern Illinois? Did you expect a rout in that game?

-Is this defense for real?


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How important is it to Husker fans for College GameDay to come to Lincoln next weekend?

-We got the official start time for Ohio State/Nebraska, and it’s 6:30pm on ABC. Oh, baby—it’s big time! Will Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, and company make their first trip back to Lincoln in 12 years? You KNOW they’re chomping at the bit to come back…

-You have to think about this, though: is Nebraska at a level yet where you feel it’s valid to come to Lincoln, or do you maybe wait until November to see where things are at with the Huskers to see if they would come for the Wisconsin or Iowa games?

-Competition is Washington State/Utah, Virginia/Notre Dame, USC/Washington, and (maybe) Clemson/North Carolina. What’s the biggest draw there?


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The NFL season is already a disaster and in disarray, so maybe the Dolphins aren’t so dumb after all

-Look at all the carnage at QB; Andrew Luck retires before the season, Ben Roethlisberger is out for the year with elbow surgery; Drew Brees is out 6 weeks with a thumb injury; Sam Darnold has mono; and more. Maybe the Dolphins aren’t so dumb to tank and make sure they get ahead of teams in the draft who might need QBs…

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Nebraska has lost 8 straight road games…yet they’re up to 13 point favorites this weekend

-The line has jumped from 7.5 to 13 points quickly, and could go higher. How would you bet this game at the moment if it’s at 13 points? Do you feel like Nebraska has turned the corner? Have to feel good about their ability to play a full four quarters at least after last Saturday’s game…


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Scott Frost says Nebraska’s offense can play faster—-is it possible to be ‘too’ dependent on the big play?

– NFL talk

-The first question to Frost at yesterday’s press conference did not go over well with him, as he said that if we’re worried about big plays being a problem, then maybe we’re reading too much into things. Well said, coach.

-Frost also said the offense can go faster…don’t you believe that now, with seeing how they played on Saturday? Some will still say they need to see it against a B1G defense before they believe it, and that’s fine. But you’d have to think confidence is higher with getting more guys involved in the offense with receptions, and also big, fast, long plays by RBs, too

-More from Frost/players from Monday…


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Huskers open as anywhere between a 7.5 to 8 point favorite against Illinois…does that seem about right?

-Illinois had a nice 2-0 start to the year, but just had a terrible 34-31 loss to Eastern Michigan which will make people slow their roll on them. However, it is a night game in Champaign, so we will see how much of a difference that makes. How would you pick Nebraska right now with that spread? Do you have to see the status of Jaimes and Taylor-Britt before you do anything?


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Maurice Washington once again showed he is Mr. Big Play / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-How good was Maurice on Saturday? Wow. Scott Frost’s offenses live off of big plays, and Maurice delivered multiple times (as did Dedrick Mills with a long 61-yard run)…can we expect these big plays to continue against better teams?


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Nebraska played a full four quarters for the first time in a long time…are you confident they can do that now more going forward?

-We’ve been waiting for that to happen, and it finally did. No TDs allowed by the defense, and another good game against the run…and we even got see backups like Rahmir Johnson and Noah Vedral play well in the 4th quarter


-Jake focused in on Broc Bando in his role filling in for the injured Brendan Jaimes, and he thought he performed pretty well. Eli Sullivan was great, too, helping out for Cam Taylor-Britt with the injury and also with the unit still replacing the injured Deontai Williams. How much did Saturday’s performance make you believe in depth and ability to play a full game?


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It was an…interesting weekend for the Big Ten, and that’s not exactly a compliment

-The good: Ohio State rolled again, Nebraska rolled, and Iowa beat Iowa State


-The bad: Michigan State loses at home to Arizona State, Minnesota barely survives Georgia Southern, Purdue gets beat down by TCU, Illinois loses to Eastern Michigan, and Maryland loses to Temple. Oof.


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What is Nebraska going to do at the kicker position? It’s red alert right now

-Isaac Armstrong did a great job again punting, but a poor job kicking. Lane McCallum came in late and made some XPs, and the question now comes why wasn’t he considered more early on, as a former scholarship kicker at Air Force?


-If Barret Pickering isn’t back ASAP, this becomes a bigger situation as Big Ten play approaches now. This has to be a a point of emphasis to be figured out this week ahead of Illinois.


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Another strange game for Nebraska, but this one results in a comfortable win over Northern Illinois

-The game had strange scores throughout, including a 30-5 halftime score, thanks in part to a bizarre playcall that led to a safety by Nebraska, as well as tons of special teams blunders for both teams throughout the first half


-All in all, though, Nebraska wins 44-8, and it was a pretty stress-free second half for Scott Frost, players, and the fans, for the first time in ever. What’s the big takeaway? Injury concerns for Brendan Jaimes and Cam Taylor Britt…but we did see Kanawai Noa finally do something!


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