The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: July 19th, 4pm

  • Zubin Mehenti: ESPN sportscenter anchor
  • who’s woo

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: July 19th, 3pm

  • Parents, Do not let your kids play running back
  • Nick Saban is at that bullbleep again
  • What’s Poppin’?

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: July 19th, 2pm

  • Parker Gabriel in studio
  • Tiger back or Tiger Not Back?
  • Buy or Sell

July 19th: Did Britney Spears’ boyfriend lie about being a Husker?

July 19th: North Carolina coach has an interesting take on CTE

July 19th: More on the hiring of Ron Brown

July 19th: The British Open starts today in golf, and Jake is sick of people bashing it as the worst major

-Sorensen actually thinks it might be the BEST major; The Master’s is almost always viewed as the best, but it’s at the same place every year. The Open moves around and challenges you in different ways. Plus, it’s in the region that golf was born in, and is on really early in the morning. What’s not to like?


July 19th: Bill Bender (The Sporting News)

-You picked Nebraska to finish 3rd in the B1G West this year, despite coming off of a 4-8 record last year and facing one of the toughest schedules in the entire nation…why so optimistic?

-What did you learn from SEC Media Days? How close is the B1G to taking over that conference, if at all?

July 19th: Ron Brown is back at Nebraska, now as director of player development…are you all ‘on board’ or have reservations because of things he has said in the past?

-Brown comes with a great track record of success as a coach for various positions with Nebraska in the past, and that is certainly welcomed back by fans—his comments about the LGBT community in 2012, however, have concerned some

-Isn’t he worth it with his past coaching success here to bring him back? Is there any way this would backfire? Feels like the first major possible controversial hire for Frost, and hardly controversial at that

July 18th: 79-year-old Bill Snyder says he hopes he can coach his 6-year-old grandson in college….he really is going to die on the sidelines, isn’t he?

-It was a joke at first with Snyder, but now it really feels like it. Can he ever be forced out there if the team starts going .500 or worse consistently? What if he somehow made it to 90 years old and coached still? Greatest accomplishment in the history of coaching?

July 18th: College Football is better when _____________________ is in the national championship hunt?

-You might be sick of Alabama and their dominance, but as a blue blood school, it just means more when they are at the top…right?

-Nebraska is right there with them. And Michigan probably….what other schools?

July 18th: Sean Callahan (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-What do you read into the Las Vegas SuperBook putting Nebraska as 20/1 odds to make the College Football Playoff this year?

-What are you hoping to learn most from B1G Media Days next Monday and Tuesday?

-Any concerns about Nebraska’s tight end depth after losing 2 players last week?