Archives for August 5, 2021

The Drive: August 5th, 5:45pm – More Deshaun Watson trade buzz

  • He was playing safety??
  • Eagles?

The Drive: August 5th, 5:25pm – Coaching staff issues

  • Do they need to have more open ears and take criticism and fix it?
  • Should they be allowed to just work and fix it on their own?
  • Willing and capable to make the necessary adjustments?

The Drive: August 5th, 5pm – Excited for next week

  • 93.7 The Ticket is about to hit its 10-year anniversary
  • Excited for the future and grateful for the past
  • Red Zone woes

The Drive: August 5th, 4:45pm – Post Text Bag segment

  • NFL football is being played tonight
  • The idea that one persons success in a sport can revitalize an entire city is really cool

The Drive: August 5th, 4:25pm – Text Bag cont.

  • Extended Text Bag with no Thirsty Thursday

The Drive: August 5th, 4pm – Text Bag

  • Answering the texters!

The Drive: August 5th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Hello Rico, whats going on?

The Drive: August 5th, 3:25pm – United Airlines has special flights for college football games this year

  • Nebraska is part of 3 of them
  • Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan
  • The Horseshoe isn’t a desirable stadium for Happer
  • Lots of pressure on Adrians shoulders

The Drive: August 5th, 3pm – Happer has a mustache…like just a mustache

  • Connor shaved and it’s kinda scary
  • Taking days off
  • BTN people are at Huskers practice

The Recruiting Hour: August 5th – Texts and Calls

  • Talking about the Thursday lineup on The Drive
  • Kirk Cousins has reasons…

The Recruiting Hour: August 5th – Mike Sautter (

  • NebPreps media days, how are they going?
  • Devon Jackson recruitment

The Recruiting Hour: August 5th – Opening Splash

  • Jack Black?
  • BTN in Nebraska attending practice
  • Nebraska schedule similarities in back-to-back years