Archives for August 4, 2021

The Drive: August 4th, 5:45pm – Bryce McGowens dunk video thoughts

  • Happer noticed some people in red jerseys, are they starters??

The Drive: August 4th, 5:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Not really a big kool-aid drinker
  • People who popped out to him during practice
  • Basketball thoughts

The Drive: August 4th, 5pm – Offensive line thoughts

  • A leader has emerged, and its Cam Jurgens
  • A breakout season from a running back? Who knows…

The Drive: August 4th, 4:45pm – Streaming

  • Would LeBron with 2-years of training beat prime Mike Tyson? HELL NO
  • Notre Dames home opener will not be on TV, exclusively streamed on Peacock

The Drive: August 4th, 4:25pm – Drinking the Kool-aid from practice, but be careful

  • Why drink the kool-aid about Betts?
  • Practice moments are great but don’t look into them too much

The Drive: August 4th, 4pm – The Wide receiver room is stacked

  • More questions on what will be announced next week
  • Buy Zavier Betts stock
  • Physical specimens in the wide receiver room

The Drive: August 4th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Hello Rico, what have you got for us?

The Drive: August 4th, 3:25pm – Sam McKewon (Omaha World Herald)

  • Recapping what he saw in practice

The Drive: August 4th, 3pm – Thoughts from practice

  • Special teams to start
  • Thoughts on the running back competition
  • Omar Manning is a physical presence, Samori Toure is really quick, and Zavier Betts is such a fluid, smooth athlete

The Recruiting Hour: August 4th – Closing Segment

  • Anyone who has popped up that you weren’t considering?

The Recruiting Hour: August 4th – Mitch Sherman (The Athletic)

  • Back from vacation Mitch!
  • Garrett Nelson talk
  • Defensive breakout players
  • Different thoughts on any players?
  • Workhorse RB?

The Recruiting Hour: August 4th – Opening Splash

  • Anonymous coaches quotes
  • Thoughts from Open practice
  • RB battles!