Archives for July 20, 2021

The Drive: July 20th, 5:45pm – NBA Finals Game 6 tonight

  • Who wins?
  • Chris Paul vs Scott Foster

The Drive: July 20th, 5:25pm – Brett Ciancia replay

  • Replay of the Pick Six Previews interview from earlier

The Drive: July 20th, 5pm – Uh oh, Nebrasketball hype is back!!

  • Audio from the baseball/basketball media availability today
  • This team is going to be good…right?

The Drive: July 20th, 4:45pm – The Rose Bowl is holding up the party

  • The Rose Bowl doesn’t want to change ANYTHING and is holding up the CFP expansion

The Drive: July 20th, 4:25pm – It appears that Nebraska’s perception is actually….lagging behind its reality?

  • I’m noticing a trend in preseason magazines and previews that are based in numbers and trends. They like Nebraska (relatively)
  • My guess would be that Nebraska does not get picked higher than fourth in the Big Ten West
  • None of the publications that I’ve seen put Nebraska in the top tier of the West…but they’re right behind in the pecking order

The Drive: July 20th, 4pm – Iowa is at it again

  • This rivalry is becoming a rivalry
  • Iowas social media is getting BOLD

The Drive: July 20th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico has been here a lot but now its actually his time

The Drive: July 20th, 3:25pm – Would you rather be able to give your car an oil change, be a scratch golfer, or go to space for 5 minutes

  • Does changing the oil in your car make you more of a man?
  • Golfer is going to win…

The Drive: July 20th, 3pm – Will Bolt is in charge and he is getting things done

  • Mapquest??
  • Will Bolt and Rob Childress audio from the baseball/basketball media days

The Drive: July 20th, 2:45pm – Does it count as “being somewhere” when you layover in an airport?

  • Happer has never been to Charlotte but he’s been to the airport
  • Mets broadcast talks about Skyline chili

The Drive: July 20th, 2:25pm – Brett Ciancia (Pick Six Previews)

  • Nebraska thoughts
  • Big Ten thoughts – how strong or weak is Ohio State compared to normal Ohio State
  • The top is interesting this year – Is Oklahoma a real National Championship team?
  • Surprise?

The Drive: July 20th, 2pm – TAKE – Happer would rather have fun experiences on Earth than float in space for a couple minutes

  • Jeff Bezos, we know you’re rich. But that wasn’t that cool
  • Was he even in space? He was in space for like 5 minutes?
  • Also, Dr. Pepper??!!