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The Drive: July 13th, 5:45pm – There are three scenarios

  • 4-8 record; its time to move on
  • 5-7 record; purgatory….what do we do from here?
  • 6-6 or better; hooray let’s move forward

The Drive: July 13th, 5:25pm – More on Frost and the Hot Seat

  • Comparing Frost to other coaches…it’s not the same really

The Drive: July 13th, 5pm – Scott Frost on the Hot Seat? Dennis Dodd thinks so

  • Can he turn it around?
  • They have been going downhill according to Dodd
  • The Oklahoma fiasco…

The Drive: July 13th, 4:45pm – Nebraska Baseball is on a GREAT streak

  • Rob Childress is on board
  • Three players drafted
  • The best recruit in the state decides to stick with his commitment to the Huskers
  • Transfer pitcher from Texas A&M picks Nebraska

The Drive: July 13th, 4:25pm – Mark doesn’t like potatoes

  • Why does Mark think potatoes are just, meh?
  • Tea vs Potatoes

The Drive: July 13th, 4pm – Ravi is here!

  • Welcome back, sir!
  • Explaining his situation

The Drive: July 13th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico has some stuff and some things

The Drive: July 13th, 3:25pm – Drew Christo says he is headed to Nebraska

  • Let’s go
  • He probably made it clear to teams that he really wanted to go to college
  • Spencer Schwellenbach, Cade Povich, and Cam Wynne all drafted in the MLB draft, what does the draft say about your program?
  • Is it that guys are getting drafted because of more exposure/game value, or is that why the teams were getting high exposure because the guys were good?
  • This is something to wonder about in all Husker sports


  • Look at all these FCS Wide receivers

The Drive: July 13th, 2:45pm – People are freaking out about Team USA Basketball

  • The Los Angeles Angels drafted 20 pitchers with their 20 picks…do they have a need for arms?
  • Team USA Basketball has lost 2 exhibition games to Nigeria and Australia…time to panic?
  • They are down three players (Devin Booker, Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton) but they still have All-Stars everywhere else

The Drive: July 13th, 2:25pm – Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Alonzo Verge Jr is signed
  • Nebraska Baseball and the MLB draft
  • Drew Christo staying with his commitment to Nebraska

The Drive: July 13th, 2pm – The Derby was awesome

  • Let it be in Colorado every year. Do metal bats
  • Is there a way we can make it a little bit more presentable? Maybe the time thing isn’t the best?
  • They had distances and live stat cast info for a few home runs. At least give us the live distance
  • Poor Salvador Perez