Archives for July 7, 2021

The Drive: July 7th, 5:45pm – Round things out

  • Worst losses

The Drive: July 7th, 5:30pm – The Athletic season team previews

  • Happer read Minnesotas today
  • A large portion of it was dedicated to the Nebraska win…ugh

The Drive: July 7th, 5:15pm – Degree partners with college athletes

  • NIL in its perfect form…telling the stories of college athletes and not just paying them to talk good about them

The Drive: July 7th, 5pm – for as much as Nebraska has coming back – they rank in the bottom third in returning production

  • Yikes
  • Will this stat even matter this year?
  • Everyone is bringing everyone back anyways

The Drive: July 7th, 4:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico Mic in full effect, let’s talk animals!

The Drive: July 7th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • What do we do with the sell-out streak?
  • Dalano Banton staying in the draft, Non-Con schedule, can we start setting expectations for Nebrasketball?

The Drive: July 7th, 4pm – We have the roster, we have the schedule, what’s the vibe on Nebrasketball this year right now?

  • They could pick up 8 or 9 wins in non-con this year
  • That’s super important for a team that just hasn’t won very many games as a core

The Drive: July 7th, 3:30pm – Nebraska Football offering mini plans

  • Uh oh, is the sell-out streak in jeopardy?
  • Should we just sacrifice it?

The Drive: July 7th, 3pm – MLB hats and Stadiums

  • Ravi has a net, did you know?
  • Breaking the news to Ravi
  • Ravi has a question for Happer

The Drive: July 7th, 2:45pm – Adrian partnering with Degree deodorant

  • Sorensen explains himself in the break
  • Degree is partnering with college athletes with empowering stories, including Adrian Martinez
  • Locker rooms getting divided with NIL and some people making more money than others?

The Drive: July 7th, 2:25pm – Nicky Cuffs story

  • Hey Nick, how did last week go?

The Drive: July 7th, 2pm – Great Sports Night

  • NBA Finals Game 1
  • The Match (Tom Brady, Phil Mickelson vs Aaron Rodgers, Bryson Dechambeau)
  • MLB games