Archives for June 16, 2021

The Drive: June 16th, 5:45pm – Royals Devil Magic

  • Nebraska’s football facility is going to be bigger than Clemson’s
  • What advantage can Nebraska get to put themselves ahead of other programs?
  • Twitter thread about cheating baseball teams

The Drive: June 16th, 5:25pm – So, when will the momentum start?

  • Big Ten Blitz nuggets
  • Iowa fan thoughts on the Kirk Ferentz comments
  • Where is the Nebraska Football wind in the sails going to come from?

The Drive: June 16th, 5pm – Big Game Boomer made another list

  • Top 50 offenses in the nation next season
  • Nebraska is number 40!!
  • 6th best in the Big Ten

The Drive: June 16th, 4:45pm – Kirk Ferentz doesn’t like not going to a bowl game if you lose in the first round of the playoff

  • Not really focused on winning a national title
  • This is a really weird way to feel
  • The Big Ten just REALLY loves the Rose Bowl

The Drive: June 16th, 4:25pm – Arizona State might be a some trouble

  • Investigation going on around the Sun Devils about recruiting violations
  • Also, LOTS of violations during the dead period and COVID shut down

The Drive: June 16th, 4pm – Roads and Drivers

  • Omaha votes worst drivers in the nation
  • We believe that Lincoln has the worst roads though

The Drive: June 16th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Bear Moratorium is over!!

The Drive: June 16th, 3:25pm – Transfer Portal

  • What are people’s problems with the portal?
  • What are some things that are like about the portal?
  • How can coaches help players before they enter the portal?

The Drive: June 16th, 3pm – Sam McKewon (Omaha World Herald)

  • Holy crap, Kevin Durant is AMAZING
  • Sam McKewon joins us while he is out at one of the Big Red Blitz sites

The Recruiting Hour: June 16th – Texts and Calls

  • Answering some of the text line questions

The Recruiting Hour: June 16th – No guest today

  • Class of 2022 recruits
  • Official visit week for Nebraska is defense heavy

The Recruiting Hour: June 16th – Opening Splash

  • Schaefer is doing the show from his parent’s house!
  • Teams taking on the personality of their coaches
  • Defense talk