Archives for June 10, 2021

The Drive: July 10th, 5:45pm – Kevin where art thou?

  • Talking about the NCAA Playoff proposal
  • Where is the Big Ten commissioner?

The Drive: July 10th, 5:25pm – Sipple spoke with Bill Moos about Will Bolt and Baseball

  • Moos is more than willing to spend money on baseball
  • Should Bolt get a raise (he should) would he ask for some of it to go to his assistants and also towards Haymarket Park?

The Drive: July 10th, 5pm – Portal Talk

  • Coaches are really freaking out about transfers
  • Rosters are getting more and more difficult to manage
  • More changes?

The Drive: July 10th, 4:45pm – LeBron James is on the Mount Rushmore of liars

  • Someone on Twitter made a thread of NBA players and people started sharing their favorite LeBron James lies

The Drive: July 10th, 4:25pm – Text Bag cont.

  • More questions being answered

The Drive: July 10th, 4pm – Text Bag

  • Answering funny questions from the text line!

The Drive: July 10th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico is in, but Ravi stole his chair so he’s mad

The Drive: July 10th, 3:25pm – Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • How was Arkansas during the regional final?
  • The atmosphere was incredible

The Drive: July 10th, 3pm – How good can Nebraska’s defense really be?

  • Can they create explosive defensive plays?
  • How does this correspond with the offense?

The Drive: July 10th, 2:45pm – Baseball has some controversies!

  • Pete Alonso says that it’s a fact that MLB manipulates baseballs to go against upcoming free agent classes
  • Gerrit Cole had some things to say…or not say

The Drive: July 10th, 2:25pm – Is Iowa trying to stick it to Nebraska by selling alcohol?

  • Just kidding
  • But they really are selling alcohol
  • The list is growing

The Drive: July 10th, 2pm – Playoffs?!?

  • According to Nicole Aurbach, it’s going to be the 5 P5’s + 1 G5 for auto bid. It will be the six highest-rated conference champs. Which is at least a little interesting.
  • Guys, this is not just a way to get more SEC teams in