Archives for June 8, 2021

The Drive: June 8th, 5:45pm – Next Step for Baseball

  • How to get Husker baseball to the next level

The Drive: June 8th, 5:25pm – Expanding the Playoff

  • Could expanding the playoff make college football better

The Drive: June 8th, 5pm – College Football Playoff

  • Possible expansion coming soon

The Drive: June 8th, 4:45pm – NBA Corner

  • NBA playoffs

The Drive: June 8th, 4:25pm – Big Red Blitz

  • Picking the best cities to go to for the Big Red Blitz

The Drive: June 8th, 4pm – Do We Cheer for Arkansas

  • Cheering for coaches that left Nebraska

The Drive: June 8th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Alligators and bears

The Drive: June 8th, 3:25pm – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Recruiting weekend
  • College sports is mostly never-ending sadness

The Drive: June 8th, 3pm – Pain

  • Nebraska baseball’s loss to Arkansas
  • What is the ceiling for Husker baseball?

The Recruiting Hour: June 8th – Closing Segment

  • Got a ‘mitt!!
  • Tight End talk
  • More recruits to keep eyes on

The Recruiting Hour: June 8th – Justin Williams (Nebraska RB recruit out of Georgia)

  • How was the visit up to Nebraska
  • Coaches, players, feeling on campus

The Recruiting Hour: June 8th – Opening Splash

  • Recap of the Regional final between Nebraska and Arkansas