Archives for May 25, 2021

The Drive: May 25th, 5:45pm – The University of Kansas is…weird

  • Apparently, they have a sliver of Einsteins brain
  • Professors are hazed by taking out the sliver and sucking on it after a shot of tequila

The Drive: May 25th, 5:25pm – Big Game Boomer has to much power

  • Making lists was fun, but now they have moved on to creating conferences?!?
  • Nebraska Football has not been able to put together win streaks in the Frost era…is this the year?

The Drive: May 25th, 5pm – Call it now – over or under six wins for the Nebraska Football Cornhuskers

  • Happer is giving you money, what are you taking?
  • You’re given two wins and two losses…then what?

The Drive: May 25th, 4:45pm – No, I don’t think mid-major teams will be giving up buy games

  • Possibility of mid-majors choosing to no longer play high major teams
  • Why would they do that?

The Drive: May 25th, 4:25pm – Aaron Rodgers is just going to cryptic quote this off season away

  • He definitely feels some type of way, as he was on with Kenny Mayne last night
  • Also, Kenny Mayne with maybe the walk-off of the century
  • Side note, what is ESPN doing?

The Drive: May 25th, 4pm – Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore

  • Throw animal names at Rico and he’ll tell you what they eat
  • Favorite animals

The Drive: May 25th, 3:45pm – Whats Poppin

  • Rico is in and its gonna get WEIRD

The Drive: May 25th, 3:25pm – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Brooks vs Bryson
  • Aaron Rodgers…what is his deal?
  • What’s next for Husker football when recruiting opens back up?
  • Individual workouts

The Drive: May 25th, 3pm – I can’t stop thinking about Jimmy Johns surgery

  • Someone called into Will Bolts show last night and asked about a pitcher having “Jimmy Johns” surgery (Tommy John surgery)
  • Brooks Koepka vs Bryson DeChambeau is a rivalry I did not know I needed

The Recruiting Hour: May 25th – Texts and Calls

  • Setting the odds for who will score their first Nebraska touchdown

The Recruiting Hour: May 25th – Andrew Ivins (247Sports)

  • Andrew Ivins of 247Sports joins the guys to discuss Nebraska recruiting in Florida

The Recruiting Hour: May 25th – Opening Splash

  • Which player will score their first career touchdown at Nebraska first?