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DP & Stephens: The Leftovers

We wrap up the show with the Leftovers!

Thank you Rico for filling in, Tom will be back tomorrow, and we will talk to you then!

DP & Stephens: Steve Sipple (Lincoln Journal Star)

The Lincoln Journal Star’s Steve Sipple joins the DP and Stephens Show to discuss the Husker’s Program.

DP & Stephens: Buzzy Caruthers (Husker Basketball)

Husker Basketball’s Director of Player Development Buzzy Caruthers joins for our weekly conversation.

  • NBA Playoffs
  • The Huskers have made an addition to the leadership team.
  • Matt Abdelmassih and Luca Virgilio have a blast coming into the studio!

DP & Stephens: Wing Man

It’s time for Movie Monday!

Happer is here to help you win chickens!

DP & Stephens: Lance Harvell (Husker Baseball)

Husker Baseball Assistant Coach Lance Harvell joins for our weekly discussion!

  • Big Ten Champions!!
  • What a weekend for the Huskers going 4-0 against Ohio St. & Indiana.
  • Nebraska awaits Michigan this weekend.

DP & Stephens: Johnny Holliday (the Voice of Maryland Basketball)

Johnny Holliday is back for another amazing conversation!

  • Johnny was a heck of a pitcher in high school!
  • Johnny has a song!
  • Let’s discuss Johnny’s background — it’s not just sports!

DP & Stephens: Blog Jog

It’s time for the Blog Jog!

Nick is here — let’s talk about Julio Jones, Shannon Sharpe, and Skip Bayless



DP & Stephens: Rico’s Roll Call – Best of the weekend

Rico gives us his best of the weekend!

Husker Baseball comes in at number 2 — How could he??

DP & Stephens: Big Ten Champions!!

Rico is here for Tom!

Husker Baseball won the Big Ten Title yesterday!

Imagine facing a 2-time Cy Young Award winner with a current ERA under 1.00…and facing him in Single A baseball

-That’s what happened last week to the Palm Beach Cardinals, who had to face Jacob deGrom, who was doing a short rehab stint. deGrom currently has the lowest ERA in the MLB and has been impossible for Major League players to hit

-The result in Single A? 9 faced batters, 8 strikeouts, no hits.

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Is it ever OK for crowds to boo at college sporting events? / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Adrian Martinez started his podcast this last week, and in part of it, mentioned that getting booed his sophomore year always sticks with him, but he understands it because of how passionate this place is

-In general, though…is it acceptable to boo at a college event? Pro sports is understandable…

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Husker Baseball is having a tremendous year despite not being picked by anyone to be a good team this year….what is the recipe for that to happen for football and basketball, too?

-The preseason B1G baseball poll didn’t have Nebraska in the Top 6, and now they are B1G champs. It’s a great feeling to prove people wrong, and they did it all year long

-We’d love to see a resurgence for football and basketball, too, to make it an all-around great 2021. What’s the recipe for those programs to overcome low expectations by others and perform at a high level?

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